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  1. Well i have posted about this in almost any wrestling games forum but sadly not even a single reply,thought i'd post here as this site was affiliated with Code-X,now i've already asked before on this forum about code-x and i repeat i already know that you guys don't really care about problems in their forum but im only asking for a request if any kind person would like to fullfill it,so as most of you may or may not know code-x is pretty much broken for any un-registered user and registering is impossible due to the security check not appearing.All im asking for is these codes from the forums. SVR 2011 ULUS/NTSC PSP Tattoo Sizing Modifiers SVR 2010 ULUS/NTSC PSP Hacked Layers: Logo Appearance Fix codes Moveset Modifiers:Universal Left/Right/Both Modifiers Announcer Introduction modifiers (CAWS) with the superstar call names values If anyone wants to help please PM me.Thank you (btw i have no idea what happened so the last text came out purple)
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