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  1. Another new preview, this time, for "The Machine, Brian Cage. Still need to do more work on the attire, and work on the morphing a bit. Also need to figure out how to make his facial hair better. Any thoughts are welcome.
  2. Thanks my brothers, glad you like him. Only thing left is choosing which version to upload, A or B?
  3. Final preview of "The Murderhawk Monster" Lance Archer. Suggestions and creative criticism are more then welcome.
  4. Jake Hager has been uploaded. Also a preview for freshly squeezed, Orange Cassidy.
  5. Final Jake Hager preview before upload. Would love to hear feedback and thoughts.
  6. Will work on it. As far as Aldis goes, I've adjusted his face so the eyebrow will not stretch out.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Will work on Aldis eyebrow soon. Regarding Edge, is there anything other missing except his face texture?
  8. Put some work in on Hager. The logos on the upper of his trunks/boxer is really tricky to apply. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. That's weird as f*ck, but I come to accept it with this game my man. Anyway, I've updated the original Edge CAW, and he has been uploaded a few minutes ago. Let me know if there is any problem logo wise. Also uploaded the new Nick Aldis CAW. Has a new face texture and body texture.
  10. Thank you both friends. Your opinions are highly appreciated. Since some of you guys add some advice and feedback on my original Edge caw, I've adjusted the original Caw's face structure and body morphing. Is it any better guys?
  11. Well thanks alot for the feedback. I've decided to stay with the old Edge Model, but I will work on the face structure a little bit and post a preview soon. With that said, I've decided to redo my Nick Aldis caw face texture. Let me know which version you prefer. Also decided to take a crack at Jake Hager/Swagger. Should I keep this up?
  12. Decided to take a break from making Archer, since I can't seem to get a good enough reference to his tights logos. Will get back to him soon. In the meanwhile, I've decided to revisit my Edge CAW( yes, again). I know alot of people are really happy with the current result, but I actually think this version is better. I've put up a compression shot of the old one and the new one next to each other.Let me know what you guys think.
  13. Thanks my friends. and much appreciated for the Sigs & Finishers MoTown. Here is an updated preview of the face and body. I've also included a preview of his entrance jacket. I'm still trying to figure out the logos for his pants.
  14. So awesome that you got to meet them in person my man. Both are freaking legends. Wish I had the chance to meet them also. With that said, Daniel Bryan has been uploaded.
  15. Don't think I'll tackle MJF mate, their is some pretty soild one's on CC already. Petey, thanks for your honest feedback. Do you see any other points for improvment?
  16. Thank you both friends. Had some time to morph and adjust the body. What do you think guys?
  17. Really not happy with how outdated Daniel Bryan Model is. There is some decent CAW of his current look, but I decided to create one of my own. Should I keep going? If so, which hair should I use?
  18. Worked a bit of the face texture of Eli, and also changed the color of his body. Did a few minor changes to the attire logos. Hope it turned out for the best.
  19. Mil Muertes has been uploaded. He has 3 masked attires, and unmasked one, for anybody that wants to use his Judas/El Mesias persona.
  20. I don't know if I get around to creating alot now, since I just started a new job, but We'll see in time man. And thanks J-man. Kross was alot of work, but totally rewarding, especially to get the approval and like of the man himself.
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