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  1. Jeff Cobb has been uploaded. I did make him prior to this, but wasn't happy with the quality of the face and stuff, so I made him again from scratch and I can't be more pleased.
  2. Thank you Jeb, appreciate the warm words. And about that moveset, I already uploades him, but you're more then welcome to change ir for yourself dude. I'm sure you did a great job. Hernandez han been uploaded.
  3. Thanks brother. Hopefully his entire attire will look as good as the face does.
  4. Took an hour to recreate Edge from scratch. Hope to god that he will not lose any logos along the process of downloading. If so, let me know. Attire logos by the uber talented buddy of mine, GameVolt.
  5. I will. I need to create him from scratch again since the original one was created pre patchs, and there was a problem with logos and face textures back then.
  6. Don't know about any of this guys, don't really have an interest in creating them, as I have very few spots to upload on my current account. Maybe on the new account, big maybe.
  7. Thank you my friends for the warm words and feedback. Bronson Reed has been uploaded to CC.
  8. Updated preview for Bronson Reed. Decided to scrap the hair with texture thingy, and go with this hair. The lightning just makes the texture look like complete crap. I need to make his red attire, and his jackets and then he is ready to be uploaded.
  9. Should I scrap, or keep working on them? Suggestions are welcome. Branson is a pain, I can't seem to capture his eye&eyebrow area and his hair.
  10. Thanks buddy. And don't mention it, glad people are enjoying my creations.
  11. Glad it's fixed dude. Next up, it's the "Spanish God" Sammy Guevara. He is now uploaded. How y'all like it.
  12. What in the actual hell?! I'll test it later to see if it happens to me too on my alternate account. If needed, I'll reupload. Thanks for notifying me.
  13. Thank you brother. And well, the next one is already uploaded. It's a redo of my Wardlow CAW, this time with a better face texture and morphing.
  14. Worked on Archer face texture to add more facial features. Also added a 2nd black attire. Both DLC and non DLC her now uploaded on CC. Both of the versions are 100% identical, but for some reason, this dips*it of a game shows them differently. Non-DLC has a more glossy look with the shading and all. Go figure. DLC Version- Non DLC Version-
  15. Thanks friend. The Machine has been uploaded with a fixed forehead color.
  16. Thanks a lot mate. I'm actually not super satisfied with his face, but it is what it is right now. Will overhaul it and use a different face texture very soon. Any thoughts on Cage?
  17. "The Machine" Brian Cage has been uploaded to CC. he has 3 attires, the third one his a custom classic Wolverine themed.
  18. DLC version of Archer is now uploaded. He had his braided hair, and a few tweaks to his moveset.
  19. Well, try to go to the deletion utility, and delete the unused images, then try to download them again. Can someone confirm if the logos are showing for them?
  20. At first didn't think I'll take a crack at him, since there is BHANGRAMAN version, but decided what the hell, I think "The Machine" is a talented dude, and wanted to try what I can do with him. Really appreciate your feedback and warm words my man. Glad you like him. I'm thinking about making a Wolverine themed attire as a 3rd attire. What do you guys say, Any interest?
  21. "The Murderhawk Monster" Lance Archer has been uploaded. Made a few adjustment to his face morphing, and a bit of adjustment to his head measurement. Also worked on Cage. His attire is complete, just need to see if I'm happy with the face and body morphing. Let me know what you think.
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