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  1. 9 hours ago, Darkdecayvamp29 said:

    So i have tried downloading your caws after the newest patch and a lot of have issues with downloading with the logos i will re try tonight and see how it turns out 

    What's the issues excatly? Are logos not showing up? 
    If so, you need to go to options, then to the deletion utility, and delete all unused logos, You've probably reached the 1000 logo limit, and since the game doesn't alert you, it will keep downloading, but without the textures and logos of the caw.

  2. 1 hour ago, J-man89 said:

    Wow the updated Kross looks so much better, and much more like how he looks, i love the new face texture, love the body texture, and i noticed you even tweaked the tattoo on his arm and got it more accurate. This is definitely the best version of Kross you've made.

    Also i would recommend changing his announcer call name to Kerry Ann Cruz,  sounds very close to the real thing.

    Many thanks brother. And seeing as he is already uploaded, I'll leave that to the ones that do download him. But hell, I'm going to change mine fore sure, thanks for the tip mate.

  3. 1 hour ago, yohansigned said:

    Big thanks for your team. My caw roster are mostly from you guys. I wonder who is this nascarfan guy.

    Thanks you, that's very humbling to hear man. 🙏

    Nascar is a very talented caw maker, which is obvious to see, if you have twitter, go give him a fellow and check out his other stuff, he posted some amazingly lit Caws. He also recently joined the site, here is his topic:


  4. 12 hours ago, Jeb ★ said:


    Thanks for showcasing this, as I didn't get around too do it myself. My brother Baldus created this amazing looking caw. We're a part of a CAW making team, and I provided the face texture, my two other friends provided the logos for pants, and Baldus fixed everything together to create this insane caw. Hopefully he will join the forum and showcase all his amazing stuff soon.

  5. 59 minutes ago, Joshistar said:

    Luchasaurus looks amazing in game and I have had no problems with logos or paint since the latest upload. 

    Yeah, I had to reupload him like three times for him to work out, since 2K are that *censored*ing ignorant to their own game.
    Very glad you do like him and enjoying him bro.

    Also, reuploaded Wardlow. Made some adjustments to the face and added a third custom singlet instead of his original indy one, since I didn't liked the quality.


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