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  1. Creator name: Mister-Fiend Or alternate account: LordFiendX If your searching for kross, just write is name in the hashtag.
  2. Well you're not the first one telling me this regarding the logos, but 100 percent of the time it was the situation I described. Try what I suggested and let me know.
  3. What's the issues excatly? Are logos not showing up? If so, you need to go to options, then to the deletion utility, and delete all unused logos, You've probably reached the 1000 logo limit, and since the game doesn't alert you, it will keep downloading, but without the textures and logos of the caw.
  4. Regarding the face paint, I believe its a glitch in the game. I reuploaded him to CC, And I hope it will fix this weird issue. As far as Morgan goes, the hashtages are: Matt Morgan The Blueprint If that doesn't work, just search for my creator name, LordFiendX. On another note, Orange Cassidy has been reworked and uploaded to CC.
  5. Many thanks brother. And seeing as he is already uploaded, I'll leave that to the ones that do download him. But hell, I'm going to change mine fore sure, thanks for the tip mate.
  6. Reuploaded Kross. This is the final version as I completely changed the face texture and some of the morph, including a new face template. He also finally has a body texture.
  7. Thanks you, that's very humbling to hear man. Nascar is a very talented caw maker, which is obvious to see, if you have twitter, go give him a fellow and check out his other stuff, he posted some amazingly lit Caws. He also recently joined the site, here is his topic:
  8. Thanks for showcasing this, as I didn't get around too do it myself. My brother Baldus created this amazing looking caw. We're a part of a CAW making team, and I provided the face texture, my two other friends provided the logos for pants, and Baldus fixed everything together to create this insane caw. Hopefully he will join the forum and showcase all his amazing stuff soon.
  9. Thanks, that was the reason I reuploaded him since I already needed to create his new attire, might as well try and improve him as well. Glad you like it.
  10. All of this are crisp as hell man, Really wise alot of them were on PS4. The quality of them are awesome. Really well done.
  11. Thanks Gamebrenk. Appreciate it. Karrion Kross has been uploaded to CC. Used a new texture mixed with some elements of the older one.
  12. Thank you all my brothers. I'm really satisfied with how he turned out, really like the end result.
  13. Thanks you both. I do agree on the end of his career, really wanted to see him go on a high note. But it is what it is, hopefully he will make the odd Rumble appearance here and there. Damian Priest has been uploaded to CC. Let me know what you guys think.
  14. Yeah, I had to reupload him like three times for him to work out, since 2K are that *censored*ing ignorant to their own game. Very glad you do like him and enjoying him bro. Also, reuploaded Wardlow. Made some adjustments to the face and added a third custom singlet instead of his original indy one, since I didn't liked the quality.
  15. Thanks alot my talented friend. Unfortunately, heard their is some trouble with the black face paint under the mask, showing as being above it after downloading, So I'll have to adjust it and reupload, and hope for the best. That's 2k20 for ya.
  16. Ha for sure my brother. That's why I opted to go with a face paint instead of an in game mask. Thanks to all for the support.
  17. Luchasaurus has been upload. Worked my freaking ass off on him, so I hope you enjoy.
  18. No need for me to make him since there is a few good ones already on CC. And thank you all for the feedback. Luchasaurus is surely a pain in my ass, and very hard to make. He's lucky he's that awesome.
  19. Jeff Cobb has been uploaded. I did make him prior to this, but wasn't happy with the quality of the face and stuff, so I made him again from scratch and I can't be more pleased.
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