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  1. Thanks for the love guys. I've used Reverse DDT 3 and the Tye Breaker as Sigs, while the Headlock Driver and Cobra Clutch 3 are Finishers. Are is a updated preview. I've added some width to the nose tip and the lower nose to better capture his nose shape. Also after seeing his more recent appearances, Figured I'll change the hair style to something to better resemble his current look.
  2. I'm starting to work on him. Hopefully soon enough I can get a preview off the ground.
  3. Thanks for the honest feedback my man. I thought about scraping this entire EC3 project, but decided to test myself and see what I can achieve, and this is the latest update:
  4. Much love man. I'll take a virtual hug lol Glad I helped you become a fan mate. Jacob is mad talented, so freaking athletic for his size, and just a savage in the ring. Hell if I know why WWE or AEW, or even Impact didn't got their hands on him already, But I know he is heavily scouted, and will probably land in the big leagues sooner rather then later. Meanwhile, He is tearing up MLW along with Alexander Hammerstone. On another note, I tried something here, he is not uploaded, as I only put on a few mere mintues of work on this. I'm not sure if there is any interest in this, but decided to let you see it nonetheless :
  5. Thank you man, glad you like it. Jacob Fatu has been uploaded to CC.
  6. Na man, he created a new model from scratch for Drake.
  7. Mister-Fiend and the alternate account is LordFiendX. 10 from the Dark Order has been uploaded to CC.
  8. I don't reckon I did a full sleeve with only two parts. For Kross I had a couple of different tattoo parts that I applied separately, regarding the sizes, it depends, if it's a big chunk of the sleeve then I'll go with 512, but if not then I'll always try and go with 256, so I'll have more logo points for the attire.
  9. I'm not, but I did create a face texture for him a while ago that I didn't got to check out in game. I don't know if he will use the mask for his entrance or not, so I'll wait for his next match, and we will see.
  10. Thanks a ton. I'll look into it, I also really liked his attire. The Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins has been uploaded to CC.
  11. I may try my hand with creating him now that he is a champion and all. We will see. Thanks alot brother. I may upload another version of cage down the line with a different face texture.
  12. Many thanks buddy. Totally worth the hustle for this comments.
  13. I like comments like this, it makes all the hard work worth it. Super glad you liked him, I was holding off on releasing him till I thought I would look as perfect as possible. And regarding that last attire, It's a custom one I made from scratch since I know he likes Wolverine and stuff, and thought it will look cool.
  14. Thank you, hope everybody will like it. I personally think that he turned out real fine.
  15. Nah bro, I'm not the front runner, there are more tenured and knowledgeable creators on the PS4 side then I am, guys like BHANGRAMAN, Wizard, Nascarfan, Ryeedee, Razaback. I'm just a newcomer doing his best. Glad y'all like my work, that's greatly appreciated.
  16. Lol I figured I'll do that and follow the guy formula instead of choosing my own, since It's such a hustle, and the guy knows his stuff.
  17. That is weird. I do always put the name of the wrestler as the first hashtag so it will be easier to find.
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