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  1. Dominik Mysterio has been uploaded to CC. This is a conversion of Iconic's caw from the Xbox One side, with a few minor tweaks from me. On the alt attire , I adjusted the D on his gear to a P, and put a mask on him, just so if anybody would like to use him as Prince Mysterio.
  2. My apologize for the mess up with Ridge. Here is an updated version without the white marks, already uploaded to CC.
  3. Oh that's no biggie, I just forgot to add the particular logo to cover it. Will look into it and reupload it. Thanks for reminding me brother.
  4. Damn, I need to update him, made him a while ago lol. One of my favorite caws for sure.
  5. Thanks brother. Regarding Priest, I'm not sure, since BHANGRAMAN did a really nice one. I'll probably focus on some other dudes to create in the future.
  6. Shad is planned, just need to perfect his texture, will probably make JTG also, but that's not a lock. Darious Carter is possiable too. Right now I present to you the new and improved Wardlow Caw. I worked on his morphing, made his head bigger, changed the body morph, added more detail to the face and a added better hair texture and singlet textures with help from Defract. Hope you like the results.
  7. Many thanks for the love and feedback you guys. Jtown I don't do requests, but name your desired wrestlers, if someone will strike me fancy I might give it a shot down the line.
  8. I just captured his attire images, so I believe I'll create him also. Eddie Kingston has been uploaded to CC. made some tweaks and adjustments and I believe he looks good. Would love to hear you feedbacks guys.
  9. Yeah I got some reference pictures where his brows are thick as hell, but when I watched his AEW debut, they looked thinner, like he trimmed them or something.
  10. Much love and respect to all you guys, will perfect him so we'll have the best Kingston possible. Thinking about making the brows thinner, something about them looks too thick in my opinion.
  11. It's bang on what I thought throws it off, but wanted another set of eyes and opinion on it. I think maybe the look of the eyebrow need a change also.
  12. Glad you all like the results people. It was some work creating him, but I'm satisfied with how he turned out. Next up, here is a preview of the Mad King himself, Eddie Kingston.
  13. Dear friends thanks for all the kind words, it truly warms the heart. Appreciate all of it. With that being said, Santos Escobar has finally been uploaded to cc. Hope you do enjoy him folks.
  14. Thank you buddy. Here is a final preview of Santos Escobar before I upload him soon.
  15. While I still work on Escobar, I also completed another caw, this time, its Warhorse.
  16. Much love. Still looking to perfect the likeness a bit more. I believe he will be up real soon.
  17. All are available mate, except of course Escobar which Is a preview. Some are under account name Mister-Fiend and the others under LordFiendX. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I still need to tweak him morph wise a bit, and then I'll start with the attire and tattoos. And regarding Mendoza and Wilde, we will see in the future.
  18. Santos Escobar preview. Still need to apply his tattoos and attire logos, but he is getting there.
  19. Can anybody else confirm this problem? I test it out on an alternate account, and it worked out fine. If you do encounter this problem, well mostly its the logo limit, as you need to go to options, deletion utilty, and then go to custom logos and delete all unused logos. That's the only fix I reckon that can help.
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