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  1. 21 hours ago, J-man89 said:

    Saying you got decent from there is an understatement my friend, you're one of if not the best creator on PS4 right now imo, cause the g.o.a.t Ryeedee has pretty much stopped creating and the other OG's aren't really making anything either, i'm extremely thankful we got you on there churning out amazing work man. Still amazed how amazing and how much better your Roman looks than the ingame model, you really knocked it outta the park with him.

    I know i brought it up before but i really wish you'd consider going back and redoing your Damien Priest, he was one of your early ones that showed promise but wasn't perfect, i feel like as good as you are now you could really nail him this time. As much as i love Bhangraman, his Priest the more i look at it the more i don't see Damien Priest in the face at all, feel like he missed the mark on that one.  Just a suggestion, thought i'd bring it up again and see if you may change your mind :)

    I love seeing replays like this,  it puts a genuine smile on my face, and makes the hard work pay off.

    Regarding Priest, I won't count that out,  although finding references to his tattoos his a freaking bitch. 😅

    With that being, here is a preview of my next caw. Really delighted with how his face turned out: 


  2. 14 hours ago, J-man89 said:

    Nice! The updated Cage looks so much better, you've really perfected him this time around, the face texture looks so clean and natural now, great job on the update man.

    Btw think you could give him his green, black and red attire from this past episode of AEW in one of his 2nd attire slots?


    It's already in the works, he will have this attire for sure man.

    12 hours ago, doug_8701 said:

    Any chance on creating Retribution 

    It's possible, won't promise anything, but I'll look into it.

  3. On 9/11/2020 at 4:24 AM, J-man89 said:

    Was just playing as Dominick against Rollins and i think you need to adjust the body morph to make him a bit smaller, cause he looks alot bigger than Seth in game.  perhaps maybe adjust the body morph and update his attire without the hoodie?

    Will get into updating him soon enough buddy.
    In the meanwhile, while I was offline for a little while, I created the man known as Dabba-Kato A.k.a Babatunde. He is uploaded to CC.


  4. 23 hours ago, cmhunter7g2 said:

    That's good.


    We've come a long way since the old days of CAWing. I remember on Smackdown 2 trying to place a lizard design or something to that effect on my Kane CAWs leg to give the impression of flames LOL. Now we're getting caws that look like they could have come with the game. Long live the image uploader and all the talented people using it!

    Shit I remember those god damn days, creating something good was damn near impossible. Thank god indeed for the Image Uploader. 😁
    Wanna thank everybody once more for all the warm words and stuff, really highly appreciate everyone of them for sure.

    And just like I did with Wardlow, I've decided to go back and update another CAW of mine that I was not satisfied with how it looked.
    The attire logos on the red attire, and on the white glitter attire were made by Defract, along with the hair, body and facial hair textures. I just did some small adjustments and color tweaks to them.
    He is already uploaded to CC. Feel free to let me know what you guys think.


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