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  1. 23 hours ago, yohansigned said:

    I've got missing texture on Pearce and Ruff. Any solution?

    Thanks for your hard work

    You've reached the 1000 logo limit. Game doesn't notify you of that, and let you keep downloading logos without them showing up. To resolve this, go to options, deletion utility, go to custom logos, and delete all unused and unwanted logos. Once done, do try and redownload man. Should work fine as long as you have logo space. 


    And regarding the NXT guys. Right now I'm freestyling it, not keeping myself to one company like I did with Impact.  So yeah, it's likely. 🤙

  2. On 1/21/2021 at 1:42 AM, Jtown4life said:

    Did adam Pearce only had that one color attire

    Actually no, He had a few different varations of this singlet with different colors, and also some different singlet designs.

    Regarding Pearce search tags, just search for his name, or search creator name SirFiendX.
    With that said, here is my next uploaded CC, already on CC, former NXT North American Champion, Leon Ruff.


  3. On 12/19/2020 at 11:39 PM, J-man89 said:

    What would you think about doing 1 or 2 more MLW guys? Been watching the new shows and Filthy Tom Lawlor is becoming a big favorite of mine, would love to see you make him. Low Ki's another guy we've not got a good caw of whos on there. 

    I definatly checked MLW a lot often the last month or so, with the Opera Cup and all that. Will be looking into it maybe. For now, keeping the Impact Project going, here is "The World Class Manic" Eric Young, and Joe M'F Doering. Enjoy my friends.

    Joe Doering

    Eric Young
    *Attire Logos by GameVolt, Arm Tattoos by GameElite.

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