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  1. Damien Sandow and Shooter Stevens has been uploaded. Let me know if there is any problem with the logos or the face photo. Enjoy mates.
  2. I added the final preview for Damien Sandow before I upload him. I adjusted his skin color to match the body texture after I took the pictures, so you can ignore the difference in the coloring. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. Thank you to everyone for the feedback and the warm words. I posted a final preview for Shooter Stevens. Let me know what you guys think. As for Sandow, he is also finalized, I will post his final preview soon.
  4. I'm looking to see if I'll get suggestions for his face/body morphing, and attires. When I'll be 100% happy with how he comes out, I'll upload him.
  5. I've managed to put together this preview of his Shooter Stevens look, let me know what you think.
  6. Thanks buddy, I tried quite a few face textures till I found something to my liking. Thanks for the heads up on the moveset. I tried working on it, as I created his Shooter Stevens look. The had everything done, as his attire for this look is fairly simple, I just had to put the yellow lines on his karate belt, but the game crashed again on me. Really irritating stuff. I will try to finish him by the start of next week.
  7. That's fair enough. What do you mean by low? Should I adjust the placment of his eyes and move them higher?
  8. Thanks mate. And well actually I do, I will probably make two creations, one of his sandow gimmick, and one as Aaron Stevens from Powerrr. Do you guys have any suggestions on improving?
  9. Thanks man. I actually didn't think I would make anything with the state this game is in. I will keep that in mind if I ever try creating RVD. I had to create Sandow from scratch after I spent 3 hours creating him, as the game crashed when I tried creating one of his shirts.
  10. Creative criticism will be appreciated. Twitter & Instagram Handle: @MisterFiendX Red= Uploaded Gray= Not Uploaded Anymore Alexander Hammerstone Bronson Steiner AKA Bron Breakker V2 CM Punk Bronson Steiner AKA Bron Breakker Hook Team Taz LA Knight Dark Order Carlito Nick Comoroto Leon Ruff Adam Pearce Joe Doering Eric Young Chris Bey Moose Ethan Page Sami Callihan Rohit Raju Rich Swann Madman Fulton Ace Austin Monty Brown Rob Van Dam Ace Austin Eddie Edwards "The Machine" Brian Cage "The Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns Dabba-Kato Brian Cage Dominik Mysterio Ridge Holland Wardlow Eddie Kingston Santos Escobar Warhorse EC3 Jacob Fatu Daniel Bryan 10 a.k.a Preston Vance Seth Rollins Alexander Hammerstone Brian Cage MJF Ken Shamrock Orange Cassidy Karrion Kross - Final Version Matt Morgan Karrion Kross Damian Priest Abyss Wardlow Luchasaurus Jeff Cobb Hernandez Edge Bronson Reed Sammy Guevara Brian Cage Lance Archer - DLC Lance Archer - Non DLC Orange Cassidy Jake Hager Nick Aldis Daniel Bryan Eli Drake Mil Muertes Killer Kross Wardlow Jeff Cobb Riddick Moss Nick Aldis Tags are: Nick Aldis NWA Powerrr WWE AEW TNA ROH Chris Masters Edge Shooter Stevens Damien Sandow
  11. I swear, this f*cked up game is just a complete freaking annoyance. I was working on a Sandow Caw for almost 3 hours, was about to post a preview of him, just wanted to create one of his shirts. So I used letters to cut back on the amount of logos. The game crashed on the very last word.
  12. I experienced a very weird glitch several times, and it doesn't seem to go away. In my universe, there is four shows, Raw,SD, NXT, and AEW. The title belts on AEW are of course all custom, along with the IC belt and universal championship on the smackdown side. Whenever I go out of the mode, and I enter back in, all the custom titles that I set up are all gone, along with whomever held them, which forces me to assign them all over again every f*cking time. Needless to say, it doesn't save any history regarding each title, like times held, days held, and so on. Its really frustrating to the extreme. Tried to delete my saved data, and start a new universe mode, And it still the same all sh*t. Did anyone else had the unfortunate time of tackling this bug?
  13. That is some insane CAW skills right there. Unbelievable creations Ryeedee like always, looks better then alot of in game models.
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