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  1. I tried uploading him without the dlc, but for some reason, it tells me that he has parts from the Smackdown pack, although he doesn't. I tried fixing it a couple of times, without any luck. Will try again soon. With all the issues this year's game is having, it becomes really hard to keep on creating stuff and CAW's. It seems like they fix one thing only to break 10 others. With that said, I took a crack at creating Riddick Moss. This is still not the finalized version, but his first attire his done: I'm also working on Jeff Cobb, although I'm not sure I'll finish him. Also, I'm trying to tackle Damian Priest, although like Cobb, I'm not sure I'll finish him. Regarding Kross, He's on hold right now so I can try and improve his tattoo work, since I'm not 100% happy with it.
  2. In the latest DLC, when I reach match 2 Vs Daniel Bryan in the tower "A Man and his chickens", it goes into the Vs menu, but Bryan render shows all messed up and the game just crashes after that.
  3. Didn't do much aside from the attire on the updated Sandow and some minor morphing adjustments, everything else was made by a creator named Wizard Of Thay, he also created the face texture, so kudos to him. And no problem mate regarding the response. Will check about Masters soon and let you know.
  4. Thanks for notifying me. Will check it out and reupload if needed.
  5. Thanks you for downloading and supporting. The CC is probably the only thing that merely keeps this game going right now.
  6. I don't think I'll make scrull, since there is some fairly good ones already up in CC man. I also updated the first post on the topic and added images of Aldis CAW.
  7. Its a possibility, but right now Kross is the next one. I'm still thinking of making my Eli Drake from last year, but I'm not 100 sure I'll make him. We will see after Kross. Can't wait for Kross, if he's gonna look as good as ur 2K19 kross he's gonna look amazing. And i'd love to see Eli Drake, he's one no one has made a good version of yet. There is no reason for Kross not to be as good as last year, since its the same textures. Hopefully I can make him even better. I still have Eli Drake textures, I just need to update his NWA look and attire.
  8. Its a possibility, but right now Kross is the next one. I'm still thinking of making my Eli Drake from last year, but I'm not 100 sure I'll make him. We will see after Kross.
  9. Oh thats awesome to hear. I guess its just a problem from my end then. Thank you mate.
  10. Probably Killer Kross. He is long overdue, and alot of people asked. I just need to know that everything is fine with Aldis, since I suspect that his logos and face texture doesn't show when downloaded. Looking for someone to confirm if that's true or not.
  11. I'm with you on that man. Aldis has been uploaded. Will add pictures later. As always, please let me know if there is any problems with the logos or face texture.I tried to download him from another account, and it was blank, so I wanna know if its just a problem from my end.
  12. I got a gateaway error yesterday for quite a few hours. It started working later in the night.
  13. Thanks man. Making all of them was a serious pain. I also have the logos for his purple tights, but I don't want people to be bombed with tons of logos. He already have enough of those between 3 tights and the 2 jackets.
  14. This is the final preview of Aldis. Managed to create 3 of his tights and 2 of his jackets. He will be uploaded very soon. let me know what you think.
  15. Chris Masters has been reuploaded. If anything is missing, please notify me.
  16. Thats some serious Bs. Their is nothing from the Sd DLC. I checked it out a million times before. This game is just beyond F*cked up. Thanks for the compliment yohansigned.
  17. Can anybody that downloaded my Edge caw after the 1.07 patch tell me if the caw is still intact, or the logos/face texture are missing?
  18. Chris Masters Has been uploaded. Let me know if there is problems with the logos/face texture. Tags are: Chris Masters The Masterpiece WWE AEW TNA ROH Also Aldis is almost done. I have some logo work to do on his jacket, but one of the jackets are 90% done. I also have 2 attires made, and will make another one soon.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on all things mentioned, and will post an update soon.
  20. Well I'm looking to get some feedback on him. I have all the logos to make 3 of his tights, and one of his jacket. I will probably make his other jacket soon, and he will probably be uploaded in the upcoming days mate.
  21. Anybody knows if there is still the problem where you need to edit the custom logos in game before you upload it to CC?
  22. Thanks man. Yeah Cawing in 2K20 is a real pain, hopefully the latest patch will fix some shit. Masters will be uploaded later today.
  23. Guys, which hair do you prefer on Aldis? The first or second one, or should I use different hair for each attire?
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