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  1. Sadly, This is probably the last time I'm posting something in this thread .
    This community used to be so much more active in months past, but unfortunately, it's been on the decline for a long ass while.
    So while you won't be able to see my uploaded projects here, I'll keep posting them over on Insta & Twitter under  @MisterFiendX

    Here is the new reigning MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone.
    He's now uploaded to CC.


  2. On 5/14/2021 at 7:49 AM, Jeb ★ said:

    Your LA Knight is really fun in-game, esp with his entrance and victory animations being in the game!

    Idk if suggestions or requests is the appropriate word for this, but if you're looking for ideas on who to create next WWE wise:

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    Timothy Thatcher and Imperium? 👀 

    Sucks that Righteous made movesets for them this year but I'm not able to use them with proper looking CAWs hahaha

    Thank you friend. Regarding Imperium I think there are a really nice collection of caws of them on CC. As for Thatcher, yeah,  it's a possibility for sure.

  3. 23 hours ago, yohansigned said:

    I've got missing texture on Pearce and Ruff. Any solution?

    Thanks for your hard work

    You've reached the 1000 logo limit. Game doesn't notify you of that, and let you keep downloading logos without them showing up. To resolve this, go to options, deletion utility, go to custom logos, and delete all unused and unwanted logos. Once done, do try and redownload man. Should work fine as long as you have logo space. 


    And regarding the NXT guys. Right now I'm freestyling it, not keeping myself to one company like I did with Impact.  So yeah, it's likely. 🤙

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