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  1. On 10/1/2022 at 11:37 AM, Wizard of thay said:

    First of all. Hah ha ha hah. I needed a good laugh. I always write with regard my caws. "Constructive criticism appreciated" you didn't give any , so it's your fault they are crap. Jokes on you. :D

    moving on to Mr Fiend thanks as always I have loved how you have developed and it has genuinely been a pleasure re Mr Aldis I think its an improvement. The body and attire are perfect. The face morph is spot on. 

    but I have a suggestion which I have never tried and which may or may not work.

    One layer for the face just with the wrinkles and the skin blotches and eye bag shadows 


    In theory it's a very solid idea, as I've did this many times in 2K20, but unfortunately with 22 leaving that black border over everything, it's just not doable.

    W. Morrissey  is now uploaded on CC.

  2. On 9/25/2022 at 9:03 PM, Sbeasto said:

    You're one of the worst caw creators on this forum and you're giving advice to one of the best on here? You're delusional 

    Dude get outta here with that attitude, I don't need an advocate.
    Wizard was the first person that helped me create, all the way back to my first caw on 2k20, and he's someone I deeply respect and value as a creator. Won't stand for any disrespect towered him.

    Nick Aldis V2 is now uploaded on CC.

  3. 4 hours ago, Wizard of thay said:

    As you know je I am always gonna give feedback.

    I am looking  at the eye shape (that eye droop)

    The slight thickness of the mouth

    The height of the ear (I would also make an argument bout the angle of the ear)

    And very slightly th eyebrow.

    I would also state that aldis is all about the wrinkles and skin blotches to give him detail and you are just too good at cleaning textures up!

    Possibly the forehead shape it is rounded at the sides the hair choice makes it seem straight.

    That's why I adore you my good man. I'll give it another look, maybe add a bit more detail and alter the texture a bit.

    6 hours ago, Boss KV said:

    Yo these look great dude 👏

    Thanks man. Appreciated. 

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