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  1. Dude get outta here with that attitude, I don't need an advocate. Wizard was the first person that helped me create, all the way back to my first caw on 2k20, and he's someone I deeply respect and value as a creator. Won't stand for any disrespect towered him. Nick Aldis V2 is now uploaded on CC.
  2. That's why I adore you my good man. I'll give it another look, maybe add a bit more detail and alter the texture a bit. Thanks man. Appreciated.
  3. Appreicate the though brother. I actually have that ref and he's looking a bit upward in it. I based it mostly on this ref:
  4. Appreciate that my good man. Karrion Kross is now uploaded to CC. Nick Aldis is now uploaded to CC.
  5. Really happy with how he turned out, so super glad it's liked by others too. Parker Boudreaux is now uploaded to CC.
  6. Thank you guys for the lovely comments, appreicate you all very much. Jon Moxley is now uploaded to CC.
  7. Appreciate you mate. Thanks. Solo Sikoa and Xyon Quinn are now up on CC.
  8. You guys are too kind Appreicate all the love. Moose is now up on CC.
  9. It's very refreshing hearing some feedback. I appreicate you very much mate. Lance Archer is now up on CC.
  10. Thanks a ton my friend, it's nice getting some feedback. Appreicate that. Will Ospreay is now up on CC.
  11. Lol only you can dig out that stuff. I hate you for that
  12. Its because of that early constructive feedback that I'm able to do what I do brother. Cheers for the love mates. Von Wagner is now up on CC.
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