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  1. Would love to see your take on him my good man. SAnitY version Eric Young is now uploaded to CC.
  2. The Reworked Faces of Wyatt are now uploaded to CC. collab with WhatsTheStatus, Each includes hidden voice taunts, crowd signs, Victory motions and renders.
  3. Looked into adding separate textures for the brows, but the caw already has tons of images, so I passed since it's not that visible in game.
  4. That's from the mapping of the eyebrows. That blue highlight once mapping will be the end of me.
  5. Thanks mate. And do you mean right under one of his eyebrows?
  6. Thank you my good friend. Brian Cage is now uploaded to CC.
  7. In theory it's a very solid idea, as I've did this many times in 2K20, but unfortunately with 22 leaving that black border over everything, it's just not doable. W. Morrissey is now uploaded on CC.
  8. Dude get outta here with that attitude, I don't need an advocate. Wizard was the first person that helped me create, all the way back to my first caw on 2k20, and he's someone I deeply respect and value as a creator. Won't stand for any disrespect towered him. Nick Aldis V2 is now uploaded on CC.
  9. That's why I adore you my good man. I'll give it another look, maybe add a bit more detail and alter the texture a bit. Thanks man. Appreciated.
  10. Appreicate the though brother. I actually have that ref and he's looking a bit upward in it. I based it mostly on this ref:
  11. Appreciate that my good man. Karrion Kross is now uploaded to CC. Nick Aldis is now uploaded to CC.
  12. Really happy with how he turned out, so super glad it's liked by others too. Parker Boudreaux is now uploaded to CC.
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