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  1. Thanks for showcasing my new stuff @Jeb ★, I appreciate it very much.
  2. Sadly, This is probably the last time I'm posting something in this thread . This community used to be so much more active in months past, but unfortunately, it's been on the decline for a long ass while. So while you won't be able to see my uploaded projects here, I'll keep posting them over on Insta & Twitter under @MisterFiendX Here is the new reigning MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone. He's now uploaded to CC.
  3. I also decided to take another look at Steiner Jr, and weren't happy with a couple of things. So I tweaked his morphing a bit, added a better looking singlet texture, and a more accurate looking boots logo.
  4. CM Punk is now uploaded to CC. Do hope you enjoy him guys.
  5. Thanks man. The boots logos were the hardest to find, so I needed to do some research till I captured some decent refs. Was kinda of a pain.
  6. I thank you kind wizard for that comment. Here is my next caw preview, Bronson Steiner:
  7. Much love to all of you for those words, I appreicate all of them. Been a long ass time since I created anything, and what better way to come back then to create the remaining member of Team Taz, Hook. He is now uploaded to CC.
  8. Sure man. Thank for the warm words. Team Taz are now upload. Do hope you enjoy them guys.
  9. Hammerstone is under my LordFiendX account. Either search for him by Hashtag Hammerstone, or by specific creator. Here is a preview of the third member of Team Taz, "Absolute" Ricky Starks.
  10. Updated and finalized previews for Team Taz members, Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs. Starks will be previewed once I reach something that is worth showing.
  11. QT Marshall is planned along with the entire Factory. Meanwhile, here is an early preview of my 5th attempt at making "The Machine", Brian Cage. (I won't stop till he looks perfect lol)
  12. Thank you friend. Regarding Imperium I think there are a really nice collection of caws of them on CC. As for Thatcher, yeah, it's a possibility for sure.
  13. Thank you my good friends. Here is another uploaded caw, this time it's LA Knight's time.
  14. The entire Dark Order has been uploaded to CC. Hope you do enjoy them.
  15. Been away for a while, but started to get back to work on the Dark Order project. Only Colt and Evil Uno to go. Here is a preview for Cabana:
  16. Thank you both my friend. Another preview from the upcoming Dark Order project, this time, Stu Grayson.
  17. Much respect to all for the comments and feedback, glad you keep enjoying yourself with my caws. J-Man that attire looks amazing on the caw, GameVolt really brought the heat with this one. And since I've been gone for a little while, I'm now back with two previews from my upcoming Dark Order project. 10 A.K.A Preston Vance 5 A.K.A Alan Angels
  18. An updated take on Edge is definatly planned my friend. For now, Go and spit on people who don't want to be cool with this uploaded Caw of Carlito.
  19. Now that's the kind of comments to gives me the energy to keep doing this. Thank you. As a reward, here is a preview of...
  20. My thanks my friends for the feedback. Regarding the question Jeb, yes I believe I'll tackle him. Here is a preview of the 3 caws that I've already finished of the Dark Order, just have 5 to go. Silver will also have his Brodie tribute gear with his entrance jacket, and Reynolds will have an alt black tights with Brodie memorial shirt.
  21. Not likely. Dark Order project is coming along slowly though, here is a preview of John Silver.
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