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Soul RiderX

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    Kane, Undertaker, Bray Wyatt
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    XSoulRider1990X, Mister-Fiend, LordFiendX, SirFiendX, MrFiendCaws
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  1. You guys are too kind Appreicate all the love. Moose is now up on CC.
  2. It's very refreshing hearing some feedback. I appreicate you very much mate. Lance Archer is now up on CC.
  3. Thanks a ton my friend, it's nice getting some feedback. Appreicate that. Will Ospreay is now up on CC.
  4. Lol only you can dig out that stuff. I hate you for that
  5. Its because of that early constructive feedback that I'm able to do what I do brother. Cheers for the love mates. Von Wagner is now up on CC.
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