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    Kane, Undertaker, Bray Wyatt
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    XSoulRider1990X, Mister-Fiend, LordFiendX, SirFiendX, MrFiendCaws
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  1. Been away for a while, but started to get back to work on the Dark Order project. Only Colt and Evil Uno to go. Here is a preview for Cabana:
  2. Thank you both my friend. Another preview from the upcoming Dark Order project, this time, Stu Grayson.
  3. Much respect to all for the comments and feedback, glad you keep enjoying yourself with my caws. J-Man that attire looks amazing on the caw, GameVolt really brought the heat with this one. And since I've been gone for a little while, I'm now back with two previews from my upcoming Dark Order project. 10 A.K.A Preston Vance 5 A.K.A Alan Angels
  4. Just up the Emboss by 2 points everytime you adjust something. Should work out.
  5. An updated take on Edge is definatly planned my friend. For now, Go and spit on people who don't want to be cool with this uploaded Caw of Carlito.
  6. Now that's the kind of comments to gives me the energy to keep doing this. Thank you. As a reward, here is a preview of...
  7. My thanks my friends for the feedback. Regarding the question Jeb, yes I believe I'll tackle him. Here is a preview of the 3 caws that I've already finished of the Dark Order, just have 5 to go. Silver will also have his Brodie tribute gear with his entrance jacket, and Reynolds will have an alt black tights with Brodie memorial shirt.
  8. Not likely. Dark Order project is coming along slowly though, here is a preview of John Silver.
  9. Appreciate all of you and your comments friend. While I keep on working on creating logos for the Dark Order, here is a caw I uploaded just now of a wrestler who really caught my eye in the last couple of months as an enhancement talent over on AEW, "Mr. Freak Beast" Nick Comoroto.
  10. You've reached the 1000 logo limit. Game doesn't notify you of that, and let you keep downloading logos without them showing up. To resolve this, go to options, deletion utility, go to custom logos, and delete all unused and unwanted logos. Once done, do try and redownload man. Should work fine as long as you have logo space. And regarding the NXT guys. Right now I'm freestyling it, not keeping myself to one company like I did with Impact. So yeah, it's likely.
  11. Actually no, He had a few different varations of this singlet with different colors, and also some different singlet designs. Regarding Pearce search tags, just search for his name, or search creator name SirFiendX. With that said, here is my next uploaded CC, already on CC, former NXT North American Champion, Leon Ruff.
  12. LMFAO, thanks for the comment Motown. And now lets get down to business. While I put the finishing touches on Brodie Lee, here is "Scrap Iron", Adam Pearce. He is now uploaded to CC.
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