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  1. I love seeing replays like this, it puts a genuine smile on my face, and makes the hard work pay off. Regarding Priest, I won't count that out, although finding references to his tattoos his a freaking bitch. With that being, here is a preview of my next caw. Really delighted with how his face turned out:
  2. Because I've upload so many caws, I have 3 different accounts. The first one is: Mister-Fiend Second one: LordFiendX Latest one: SirFiendX You can clearly see that I was a beginner with the first few uploads on the Mister-Fiend account, but I got kinda decent I guess from there. And thank you my friends for the warm words, very glad you all enjoy Cage.
  3. For sure man, glad someone will find it useful, Here is another 4: Kushida Damien Sandow Ridge Holland Daniel Bryan
  4. I've posted this on my twitter page, but for those that doesn't have twitter, here is some face textures I've shared that are free to use: Bronson Reed Damian Priest Ethan Page Hernandez Zeus Jack Hager Jeff Cobb Jordan Omogbehin Lance Archer Luchasaurus Matt Taven Rick Rude Shad Alex Shelly Sid Vicious Tino Sabbateli
  5. "The Machine" Brian Cage is now up on CC. Hope you come to enjoy him my friends.
  6. It's already in the works, he will have this attire for sure man. It's possible, won't promise anything, but I'll look into it.
  7. Thinking about updating my Brian Cage CAW. Here is the old one next to the new one:
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. Let me know what you think if you so desire once you use him.
  9. Now. The "Tribal Chief" Roman Reigns is uploaded to CC. Do enjoy my friends.
  10. Thank you buddy. Will probably tweak a bit more further, and then start to work on the body and attire.
  11. Did some further improvments to Roman. Added a few textures to the face, adjusted the morph some more. Would like to hear your thought.
  12. Trying my hand at creating an updated Roman Reigns. I think the ingame model leaves a lot to be desired. Only worked on the face. Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions friends. May need some more minor work, but here is a preview:
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