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    Kane, Undertaker, Bray Wyatt
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    XSoulRider1990X, Mister-Fiend, LordFiendX, SirFiendX
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  1. Actually no, He had a few different varations of this singlet with different colors, and also some different singlet designs. Regarding Pearce search tags, just search for his name, or search creator name SirFiendX. With that said, here is my next uploaded CC, already on CC, former NXT North American Champion, Leon Ruff.
  2. LMFAO, thanks for the comment Motown. And now lets get down to business. While I put the finishing touches on Brodie Lee, here is "Scrap Iron", Adam Pearce. He is now uploaded to CC.
  3. Much love for the comments and love of my recent uploads. I very much appreicate every word. And J-Man, as far as Brodie goes.... *Only a preview Attire logos are by the talented GameVolt.
  4. I definatly checked MLW a lot often the last month or so, with the Opera Cup and all that. Will be looking into it maybe. For now, keeping the Impact Project going, here is "The World Class Manic" Eric Young, and Joe M'F Doering. Enjoy my friends. Joe Doering Eric Young *Attire Logos by GameVolt, Arm Tattoos by GameElite.
  5. Thank you both buddies for the great support. I totally forgot that Final Resolution was happening the same night I posted him, so I updated him to include both the Final Resolution attire and the previous one.
  6. Impact is really deserving of this love, they have a great roster and I didn't really see much of this guys at the Community creations pages when I searched for them. Here is another one for the project, "The Ultimate Finesser", Chris Bey.
  7. I'm gonna take a crack at him soon enough mate.
  8. Very humbling words indeed my friend, I do appreicate your comments and support very much, thank you. With that being said, here is another one to add to the Impact roster side of things, and it's a conversion of Iconic2k's caw from Xbox.
  9. Glad there is so much love for Sami, really felt he was coming along very nicely while I made him. Here is another Impact guy, and a body guy, "All Ego", Ethan Page. He is now uploaded to cc.
  10. My friends, I appreicate all the positive feedback on Sami. He is now up on CC. Do Enjoy piledriving fools with him.
  11. Thanks for all the love J-Man, appreciate it. Regarding EY, it's very possible, don't know about Tommy or the Rascalz though. And Haven't been here in a week or so, but got something coming up. Here is a preview of my next caw, "₮ⱧɆ ĐⱤ₳₩", Sami Callihan. Still need to create his attire logos, and maybe make some small tweaks to the morph.
  12. Leon is a possiably I guess. I'll look into it. Regarding Moose, man I think he is the hardest caw to make for sure. It's all in his tattoos, and they are barley visible for obvious reasons. Believe me, I want a playable Moose in my game too. I'll see what I can do mate. For now you'll have to do with the X-Division champion, Rohit Raju. He is now up on CC.
  13. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton are both uploaded to CC. I converted Fulton, he is Iconic2k's caw from Xbox, I converted him and gave him a few tweaks of my own. Madman Fulton- Ace Austin-
  14. Appreciate the comments friends. Monty was one of my favorites growing up and watching TNA. Man was he cool as all cool, extremely underrated. "The Alpha Male" is now up on CC. Tell me what you guys think.
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