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  1. also Amber, Sean and Venera if requests are being taken as i have needed them for a while
  2. looking forward to getting the new ones as they look great so far...out of interest though is the remaining members of CAW (e.g. Manson, Webb, Nova, Ryan, Nazo etc) being made?
  3. hi, is it possible amber and venera can be uploaded too?
  4. Hi, will the other women be uploaded soon , also how is the Nihon-1 roster going?
  5. hi, out of interest when are the other women being uploaded thanks
  6. hi, any more info on when their gonna be released?
  7. hey i know you said there wont be a timetable exactly but do you have an idea of when the first group will be started/finished?
  8. Just out of interest is there any more info as to when the N1 update will be finished
  9. Did you mention previously that you were taking reupload requests from the 16th? If so please could you upload Primo Valiante Jarrett Caesar Gabriel Niyol Olympia Marstorius Pavlos Marstorius Thanks
  10. Hi, sorry i forgot there was 5 Fierharts-i already downloaded Abel so i need Simon, Heather, Ryan and Simone Thanks for the other uploads they look great
  11. Hi can Cody prince and Brett Evans be reuploaded Also if room can the 4 fierharts go up, thanks
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