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  1. how much do you charge to make female CAWS? I want to have the 4 golden girls made. I was able to make slipknot and Marilyn Manson but for some reason I am having a lot of trouble with the golden girls
  2. and for Slipknot it would be great to see Corey Vs MGK or even have them against the NWO
  3. I have a ps5 I KNOWWWW!! that's exactly why I want someone to make them! I even have all the best outfits picked out for each one how amazing would it be to see them do a fatal 4 way match, or do a 8 women battle royal for the belt !? it would be epic especially putting them against the classics like Wendi Richter, Mae Young, and Fabulous Moolah do you know anyone that would be up for it?
  4. I was curious if anyone would be able to make all 9 members of slipknot and all 4 golden girls (what a pairing I know lol) with machine gun Kelly and Corey Taylors previous history, I would love to do a match with the both of hem, and have all 9 members of slipknot in a royal rumble with the addition of the women's tag team titles, I would love to have the golden girls in it as well to see who wins I have photos of all 9 members of slipknot (all outfits, generations of masks etc) I also have photos of the golden girls for their outfits too
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