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  1. Yeah, that's exactly what he did. He got hung up between the ropes and the cage and eventually morphed through the cage. I restarted four times and could never finish the match because of that glitch.
  2. That might have been what I saw the other night. I was Bron going up against McDonaugh and he literally jumped through the cage and landed outside the ring.
  3. I don't think anything else needs to be said.
  4. So........you don't have anything. Gotcha.
  5. You made the claim. It's your responsibility to prove the claim, not for me to disprove it. If it was the opposite, I could say watermelons are blue inside until you open them. Prove me wrong.
  6. The BDS movement specifically. You and Gens take on this is unbelievable. You knowing better than they do about what their best interests are screams elitist and egotism.
  7. I'm sure that some Dems policies are loved by anti-semitics, but you can't then throw that label on Dem voters. I googled the banning thing, and I can't find a single article on it.
  8. Do you have any data that suggests that was the reason most white ppl voted for Trump or are you just throwing conjecture?
  9. It's nice to know that you know better than minorities and women what is in their best interests.
  10. Well, the data just doesn't correlate, considering Teump got the most minority vote of any R President in my lifetime.
  11. Just a random tidbit looking at primary results. I do wish Trump would go away somewhat. But I've always thought that about politicians that lose elections. You've had your day in the sun. You lost. Time to move on. I believe MAGA was needed in 2016, but politics is a fast, ever evolving process and we need to start beating Dems by electing younger leadership and stop holding on to these old dinosaurs. I imagine Dems feel the same way. I'm not a big fan of the Bush's, Cheney's, Clinton's either who try to make a dynasty out of politics. We desperately need term limits.
  12. Lol. I found it quite funny and entertaining.
  13. 1) Relax on the caffeine. 2) I'm not a fan of "hot takes." I'm waiting for more info since neither side wants to give it.
  14. The Dems have the majority in the house, the senate and their President. You can't use this excuse. And that vet bill passed.
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