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  1. Hi, i am highly looking forward to the N1 wrestlers being uploaded, Regarding the normal account is it possible to see Amber Owens and Venera Kristoff being reuploaded. Thanks
  2. Out of interest have you got any luchadore caws, If i remember correctly you had a few going YEARRRRSSS back. I assume as it has been a long time there isnt for a good reason though
  3. Lola Valentine, Jayson Jones and Nicki Roland would be appreciated, thanks. Also will the N1 roster be added or is that not happening? plus the two new women are great,
  4. will the remaining women be uploaded soon? or will they be added with the Nihon-1 roster?
  5. Do u have an idea of when/who the next upload is
  6. If you planned on keeping any other names in the N1 update secret ignore this but can I ask who the two women are that you created for N1. I saw Teresa van cisely was in N1 from the list you wrote yesterday but can I ask who the other one is?
  7. Hi, is it possible for seth adams lola valentine jayson jones and nicki roland to be uploaded? Thanks
  8. I second this as i need these guys in my universe too Thanks also Mercer and possibly Slade, although im not sure if there will actually be enough room for them at one time so they are not a priority necessarily as much as the others
  9. Hey I know the current caws haven't been up long so it won't be any time soon but is it possible before your next update you could upload Anslem Carter Eve Williams Danielle Goodwin Dylan Brody Perxephone Thanks
  10. Hi, I imagine your quite busy with creating the next caws but is it possible for Damian Juarez and Jude Riesen to be uploaded Also Callista Jay and Holly Wudz if not too troubling but it's mainly the two guys I am after. Thanks
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