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  1. Even after numerous attempts 2ksupport declined and said that my ban is permenant. It is what it is.  Ty too everyone who was patient.  If i can either find time to find a way to recreate all of my creations and find a way to get them on CC  , i will let anyone know.  You all have a good one and keep creating some kicka$$ caws, arenas,  etc.

    Screenshot_20230729-000255_Samsung Internet.jpg

  2. For anybody wondering why my content has suddenly disappeared from the ps5 CC, 2k  banned my account. Sucks, i had some bew creations i was about to come out with vut guess 2k22 will have to be my source of showing off. I am Deeply sorry to all who have been following me here and been enjoying all my stuff. If i have offended anyone let me know.  


  3. Just finished this high flyer.  KASEY KASH, he it's the newly formed tag partner with NICK NOVA. He was inspired by kidkash in his wwe late run.  Should be on cc soon.  Still got the moveset to work on and maybe fix the attire. Name and KK logo made by me with computer generated help. 





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