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  1. NEW EDITION TO THE PWM ROSTER "STRENGTH PERSONIFIED" MASON MARTINEZ from Miami, Florida. He is multiple time poweifting and strongman winner across the USA. His power is unmatched. He is coming for the toughest competiton on any mat. Youtube video of his top moves and vignette will be up shortly. Leave and Comments/feedback.
  2. custom made clip video of Eddie Corino vs Matt Vegas feud i have going on (youtube) no sound and not the best quality
  3. custom made clip highlight video of Eddie Corino vs YURI for the PWM Heavyweight Championship (youtube)
  4. New Pro Wrestlling Mayhem Arena PWM Takeover Blood, Sweat,Respect
  5. The loudmouth, trask talkin from Yonkers, New York Eddie "FINGERS" Corino
  6. So the first one was a test run, i have gotten an updated version link will be added to the bottom of this from youtube. It is kind of long, but hopefully it was up to par to show off just how much fun if given the time with this game. All videos taken and used are of in game footage either played by me or AI vs AI. Editing done custom by me, still has small lag time just from the software used. Enjoy & leave comments below, thx.
  8. HERE IS A CUSTOM MADE INTRO VIDEO SHOWCASING SOME OF MY CREATIONS, ENTRANCES, SIGNATURES AND IN GAME STUFF. ENJOY. (Creations used are: Matt Vegas, Damian Wildman, Bishop Black, The Morris Brothers, Ellis Hamilton, Jack Potter, Laurant, (MLB) Malcolm L Briggs, Mayhem Mercer, Sawyer Rekks, Hein Harnage, The Saviour YURI) (this is a very rough draft of what i would like my final project to look like. There is still lots more of the roster not included in the video. Will be back soon for updates.) https://www.canva.com/design/DAFDBQ9gQ3A/ZDzJbOODGAhtcnPHK4jVmg/watch?utm_content=DAFDBQ9gQ3A&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink
  9. Sorry for the double post. On the last upload. Please give positive or negative feedback. Greatly appreciated. Here is Matt Vegas' with his signature to Ellis Hamilton. The Money shot (broski boot in the corner)
  10. YURI in game signature θυσία ανθρώπου https://youtu.be/T4TVlceiig4
  11. YURI in game signature θυσία ανθρώπου https://youtu.be/T4TVlceiig4
  12. newest edition to the PRO WRESTLING MAYHEM ROSTER "GODS GIFT OF WRATH TO MANKIND" THE SAVIOR YURI hailing from GREECE, he is the supreme athlete of speed, size, and power. There is not a soul on earth he will fear and will not be intimidated by no mortal man. in game pictures coming soon. Render pictures here 20220607_1327331.mp4 20220607_1327331.mp4
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