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    Kenny Omega
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    Rock,Metal, Funk
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  1. JRJ

    Looking for CAW's

    I was considering doing a Lagatha from Vikings tv series
  2. Looks great! I'll download it!
  3. My KATE UPTON caw Available for download - tags include - model, Kate, Upton, actress Feedback is welcome!
  4. Hi I make celebrity caws and would be grateful of feedback and requests! My username on Xbox is CivilSpy2425176 I am currently a Bronze rank creator but hopefully I can obtain a higher rank so I can upload more of my creations! If anyone has any tips just let me know, thanks. Here are a list of some of the celebrity caws I have made - currently only 5 of these are available for download as i only have 5 upload slots at the moment. To find my Caws search for my Kate Upton (tags include - model, Kate, Upton, actress) CAW then click to View Content by this creator - my username on Xbox One is CivilSpy2425176. My CAWS currently available for download are - * KATE UPTON - American model/Actress * CHERYL COLE - British Pop star * KIMBERLEY WALSH - British Pop star * DAENERYS TARGARYEN - Game of Thrones character And I also have a caw of Jessamyn Duke from NXT uploaded The other CAWS I have made that I don't have space to upload include - Nicola Roberts - British Pop star Sarah Harding - British Pop star Nadine Coyle - British Pop star Katy Perry - American Pop star Rachel Riley - British TV presenter Kate Middleton - British Royalty Pippa Middleton - British Royalty Megan Markle - British Royalty/ American actress Taylor Swift - American Pop star If you would like to see any of my Caws that have not been uploaded then contact me on here.
  5. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!
  6. Hello all. I have downloaded the caws which I thought we're the best and most complete for my favourite non-WWE wrestlers and WWE wrestlers who were not included in the game. However, as often seems to be the case, the attributes for these caws seem to be inaccurate in my estimation. This is also the case for some of the WWE wrestlers included in the game. If anyone with good knowledge of wrestling and making caws could give me an accurate list of attributes for some of these wrestlers I would be very much appreciative. I've tried my best but feel I may have been a bit biased in favour of my favourite wrestlers. My initial attempt to do Kenny Omega had him come out overall as 94, ha ha, so that's probably too high. suggestions for attributes for these wrestlers please ( apologies for spelling errors) - Kenny Omega Tetsuya Naito Marty Scurll Sho & Yoh (Rpg3k) Will Ospraey  Nikki Cross Dakota Kai Codi Rhodes Vanessa Bourne Toni Storm Tomasa Ciampa Brandi Rhodes Tama Tonga Ishamori (bone soldier) Hangman Page Minoro Sazuki Ricochet Okada Nick Jackson Matt Jackson Asuka (her in-game rating of 84 makes no sense. Alexa is an 85, how can the Empress of Tomorrow be less than Alexa? ) 
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