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  1. It's been a hot minute, friends, but I have returned. And already working on new content, the high-flyer twins, Daniel and Derek Marvel. Just enough subtle differences to tell them apart.
  2. Current project: Scotty "The Beast" Klassen, based on an IRL friend that I have been playing rasslin' games with since the N64 era. He's sort of got a Crash Holly gimmick, claiming to be a super heavyweight but really he's just this short dude.
  3. I like it. An interesting design. Someone in my thread asked me to make a Pacific Islander-type of character, this is what I have thus far: Fa'alo (which means JUMP).
  4. It's ight. I use it mainly to show previews of upcoming content on my own showcase and to get some feedback without cluttering my own thread too much.
  5. Here we go, playing the enforcer for Johnny Worthless in their team of Die Apokalyptischen Reiter it's the 6'9" monster, Siege!
  6. It's a shame you can't put music into the games any more (as far as I know), your themes are very awesome.
  7. No kidding... I am liking this mask design quite a bit. Keep it up! That's creepy cool, I dig it. Current project is a partner for Johnny Worthless. Well, more like an enforcer at 6'8". Still got to get him some tattoos but here is SIEGE thus far.
  8. Now THAT looks and sounds bad ass! Finished my morning project: See if anyone can get the reference for the logo.
  9. Current project: Aki Crush. He may look simple right now, but drawing a custom logo that's really going to make him pop.
  10. My bad, forgot I changed the image, there ya go! And those intros are pretty awesome!
  11. Cool, cool. Here's a couple of previews of what I am working on now.
  12. Ashley Diamond is for sure my favorite out of the bunch, just downloaded her. Great job!
  13. Do you intend to upload Johnny Worthless at any point? I'd love to have him run in GRPW. In the next day or two yup, going to do a new CC rotation then. Awesome. He's up now. Lemme know what you think. Here you, go, basically what I pieced together in a few mins. I call him "Lazer Proto-01". Now to come up with some funky future entrance attire.
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