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  1. I have been thinking this would be cool, have the standard cheers and boos sure but yeah. A few ideas Standing Ovation/Ultra Loud Cheer-Think of the pops Austin would get in 98 Ultra Loud boos- Top level heel boos Standard Cheer- Default cheer Standard Boos- Default boos Mixed Reaction- Cena reaction basically Any thoughts?
  2. I am dealing with a years long battle with depression.
  3. Just finished watching SCAW Spring Showdown 2021. Very good show headlined by Aquaman Vs Shazam Vs King for the title.
  4. Are you not allowed to have them here or are they not unlocked for me yet?
  5. Maybe Nikki Cross is a comics fan, if so that makes her cooler.
  6. Yeah Eva Marie is awful, a Nikki Cross has been saddled with an unoriginal gimmick.
  7. RIP to a talented worker and from what I heard a nice person.
  8. Which ones for you? Here are some for me. Considering I want to do a CAW League, this all makes sense for me. Create a wrestler-This is more then likely in but yeah, I hope its better than the WWE character creation Create a championship- Hopefully this is in with a lot of details Create a move/finisher- Could be fun Create an arena/venue- Would be very nice Create a story/cut scenes- Good for uploading content as well as aspiring CAW league makers like myself. Create an entrance- Speaks for itself but would be fun to also include custom tag entrances and group entrances, not impossible to do. Create a match- Could be fun More then 8 wrestlers on screen- Maybe have it at 10 or something but this would be nice. War Games match or something similar with a different name- This would be awesome to finally do in a video game Custom music/entrance videos- I Know with the new systems this might be tricky but at least make this exclusive to the PC version. Modding friendly on PC- Could be nice to do on PC Just a few features I think would be great you guys have any thoughts?
  9. I am a longtime wrestling gamer and I decided to join looking for advice on a few things. How is everyone doing?
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