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  1. Is there a discord for here?
  2. Can someone make some non wrestler caws for my CAW league please? "Terrible" Terry Tate (from the Reebok commercials in the early 2000s) Mattias Nilsson from the old Mercenaries games Chris Jacobs from the same games Jennifer Mui from the above series Evel Knievel (from the peak of his career if possible) Johnny Xtreme from the game review series X Play Bill Rizor from Contra (Make him look like Arnold) Lance Bean from Contra (Make him look like Sylvester Stallone) Renders would be nice for them but not fully necessary. Thanks in advance
  3. Could someone here please create a Terry Tate CAW from the Office Lineback commercials for my CAW league please? I would be very thankful
  4. I am dealing with a years long battle with depression.
  5. Maybe Nikki Cross is a comics fan, if so that makes her cooler.
  6. Yeah Eva Marie is awful, a Nikki Cross has been saddled with an unoriginal gimmick.
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