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  1. Oh well attires itis until i can CAW NXT Heel Finn Balor [No Tattoos yet cus u cant download stuff with logos] Harlem Heat Booker T Other stuff iam working on
  2. Ya, Iam pretty pissed off that i can't finish my stuff now because of logos, crashes and *censored*ed up caw objects
  3. So looks like my game messed up Jericho as his face texture is not there in match, so gonna remake him later, gave cm punk a shot, still a start with lack of logos
  4. I see you have been keeping this thread active, lol Anyway, Benoit is now up with 4 different attires: 2 wwe, 2 wcw [ Collab with JackCrimson ] Credit to Tekken & Ryeedee for the face texture. Also iam taking a break for a bit
  5. Still didn't unlock diamond yet Started on a Benoit with JackCrimson [ Credit to Tekken & Ryeedee for the face texture ] and made this for myself lol will see about eddie next, still need to upload orton/otunga and probably someone else i forgot in the shuffle
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, bad news thos, my laptop died yesterday and the hdd died with it as well, so all the textures are gone, until then i will try to finish the ones i alrdy showed in this thread.
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