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  1. Me too. Lufisto and countless others were reaching out to her.
  2. Man, this one hits home. She was born the same year as my brother, and my sister was a huge fan of hers. I remember seeing her challenge Awesome Kong, and Jeremy Borash mentioned her, and she looked great. I only saw the beginning of the Instagram video, and I couldn't watch anymore of it. Mental health should never be taken lightly. As someone that deals with depression and anxiety, I know how hard it is to reached out, but if anyone is going through a hard time, always try to reach out because people do care. Rest peacefully, Daffney.
  3. I've had an eventful day: At around 3 am this morning, there was a car accident. Someone got into a car accident right in front of my house. They hit a tree, and the car landed on the driver side. The dude was bleeding pretty bad. I called 911 as soon as possible. I waited there until the paramedics arrived. The dude is okay. He's just sore and has a few big cuts and a messed up shoulder. The car was also totalled. His family thanked me for helping, and they called me a hero, but I'm not a hero. I'm more of a lost cause than a hero. I was just doing the right thing. The paramedics are the real heroes.
  4. I'm probably the only one who thought the crap with Morrison and the squirt guns was stupid. And the fact that Corey said "I've never seen this before." Uh, we saw this almost 10 years ago....... Also, who did Kross tick off? I know people say "If you don't like it, don't watch it." And I think that's true. WWE has given more reasons for people to tune out than to tune in.
  5. Imagine having Sting and CM Punk on the same roster. That's crazy. I can't wait to see what Darby has in store when he faces Punk.
  6. Call it wishful thinking, but I would love to see Mance Warner and Matthew Justice in AEW. I mean, Janela still wrestles for GCW, and Nick Gage made an appearance, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  7. So, Keira is with AEW now? It makes sense because the Woman's Division could use some new people. And, since Diamante is there, I'm sure AEW would be a great place for her.
  8. Motown Saint

    WWE Drama

    Wow. Brings a whole new meaning to "Busting a nut." It's great to see that he recovered
  9. Man, this one really hits home. He was and still is my brother's favorite wrestler. I actually listened to Jim Cornette's Podcast, and it so hard to get through. I've never heard Jim get so emotional. Rest peacefully, Mr. Eaton. Thank you for the memories
  10. Stupid me, I tried using them for crunches. It didn't work like I hoped.
  11. I had a mishap with some exercise equipment. I was using these resistance bands, and all of a sudden, the ring that kept the bands hooded came off, and the hooks on the bands hit me in the head and under my right eye. I looked like Matt Cardona from when he faced Nick Gage. I was bleeding all over the place. I'm okay though. Just a black eye and and small cut on my head. But I'm never using resistance bands again.
  12. Dynamite was good. Seeing Black was a surprise. I'm not sure about the first name though. He would have went by "Thomas Black" or something. Also, seeing Dan Lambert was odd. He used to annoy me when he was with Impact. All in all, a great show.
  13. Ah, okay. Man, this commentary team is bogus.
  14. Congratulations to Swerve! I'm not sure about the whole Hit Row group, but it looks good so far. (Also, I wonder why he stopped wearing kickpads? Are Kickpads going out of style?) Also, I loved how Kross just got up and choked out Gargano. We need more of this version.
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