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  1. I'm looking for Roddys green logos from war-games im working on decals and it would be a huge help anyone have them?
  2. these are amazing great job, crazy how people are crying over this
  3. i think i got like a mustache in the texture itself, but will look into it ah damn im trying to get him without the beard from his run in ecw but thanks for looking
  4. not my face image but this is the best I could do.
  5. hey everyone I really want this Finn and there was a great one last year but im not sure how to get the images so here I am asking if anyone can make it or at least give me some help on how to get the images
  6. these are all great Im just curious what are your thoughts on creators finding tricks such as masks to put on his face paint and do you plan on doing it?
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