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  1. New Diva Tiara May "Killa Barbie" Alignment: Heel Show: Smackdown Dominant Personality Trait: Egotistical Signatures: Barbie-Breaker [bankrupt] 'May'-hem [bella Buster] Finishers: Nose Job [Glam Slam 2] Red Bottoms [Eat Defeat] Tiara May is here to bring the old school Diva style back to the current Women's Roster. She is very smart, and full of attitude. Imagine if Regina George from Mean Girls knew her way around the ring. Her brain is just as equal to her brawn. In tradition to how the 'old school' style was, she doesn't only perform with just female competitors. Male or female, she has no problem getting a tiny bit dirty to climb to the top and show how the 'Barbie Killa' will be the new star of both the Men and Women's divisions. [Gifs below were done on PS4, no mods or PC used.]
  2. Figured I could try to get some more feedback by posting here as well! Here are four of my CAWs, same as I showed in my previous topic. Violet Valentine Alignment: Face Show: RAW Dominant Personality Trait: Perseverant Signatures: Lilac Layout [Paige Turner], Periwinkle Punisher [Nattie by Nature] Finishers: Shades of Purple [Future Shock], Kiss of Death [Powerbomb Lungblower] Violet is a determined fighter, and will take out anyone that stands in her way. She is known to keep it all light-hearted and fun, a good sport. But, don't let her fool you. If you get on her bad side, expect trouble. Ace Andersen Alignment: Heel Show: Smackdown Dominant Personality Trait: Bold Signatures: Chain Cutter [bankrupt], Fresh Kicks [superkick 4] Finishers: Superiority Complex [s.O.S.], Platinum Stretch [bank Statement] Ace is a pretty boy all the way from Switzerland. He always gets what he wants, no matter the cost. House? Sure. Car? Of course. The championship belt? We'll see... Myah Alanna Alignment: Face Show: RAW Dominant Personality Trait: Prideful Signatures: Stud Strike [shining Wizard 3], Rebel Stomp [Curb Stomp 2] Finishers: Controlled Chaos [Litasault], Anarchy Reign [Figure-Eight] -Ringside-: Myah-DDT [DDT 1] [Face texture help graciously credited to Foldy619] Myah is just getting her start in the industry. She was recently picked up after a long time in NXT, and she's here to make a name for herself. Be it her green hair, or adrenaline-like attitude in the ring, she is one you'll remember.. Rami Malek Alignment: Heel Show: Smackdown Dominant Personality Trait: Egotistical Signatures: Wrath of Ra [Afterglow Combo], Grasp of Osiris [PTO] Finishers: Bastet's Fury [Venus Fly-Trap], Anubis Lock [black Widow] [Face texture help graciously credited to Foldy619] [i know what many are thinking. "Such a small guy.", "Overly effeminate.", and such. But, it is his gimmick. In a short version, he's a male Peyton Royce.] Long story. Being an actor, Rami already had a lot on his table. But, he met a man in his life that seemed to be a match made in heaven. But, to his surprise, his mate was affiliated with the WWE. It wasn't something he was completely used to, and it was an adjustment. But, as a push was given to his soon-to-be fiance, he was asked to start appearing as a manager. Things sky-rocketed from there, and it was off. From managing, making more appearances, to wrestling, to a heel turn. Small and nimble, flexible enough to pin you out, and wrap around in ways that'll force you to tap. Would love feedback, comments, etc.
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