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  1. Here's my first attempt at NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. Still kind of a work in progress with the face and entrance attire. As always, feedback is appreciated. Gamertag: Tigerblood722 Hashtags: NWA, Aldis, Nick Aldis https://imgur.com/a/g7eDByI
  2. Here is Eli Drake, currently a work in progress. Feedback and suggestions welcome. https://imgur.com/a/4tb6NHO Gamertag: Tigerblood722 Hashtags: ELI DRAKE, TNA, DRAKE
  3. Thank you very much. It can be found in community creations, hastags: JAY LETHAL, ROH. Gamertag is Tigerblood722
  4. one of my favorite wrestlers, and it's always seemed to me in past years of the game that he never gets a good CAW until the game has been out for some time, so this is my first attempt at Jay Lethal. complete with 2 attires, moveset, and entrance. any feedback is appreciated http://imgur.com/a/tmW9n5W Gamertag: Tigerblood722 Hashtags: JAY LETHAL, ROH
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