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  1. (what is ur psn bullpower44 mine is tim_rage2020)
  2. ok i need tag team names for a few tag teams and everyone can use this! tag teams i need names for bliss and cross ryder and hawkings max barnett and kim rage
  3. you cant sry, they took that out in wwe2k16 and i think 17
  4. dude ur caws kick so much ass, will be fun to have them in my pcw universe lol
  5. tim2019

    bcw logo

    I just got done watching one of your videos, so thank you for the great content sir...!!! and thank you for the logos sir..!
  6. tim2019

    bcw logo

    I want to turn bcw into a caw show but I can't find the logo for bcw! the one from myplayer mode to be clear.
  7. tim2019

    bcw logo

    i need the bcw logo for universe mode?
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