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Antonio AKA Zotany

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  1. I hate the speed when you climb the turnbuckle or when you pick up your opponent.
  2. PEOPLE GONE AND MISSING FROM #WWE2K20 English Alexandre Wolfe Alundra Blayze Bam Bam Bigelow Barron Blade Chris Jericho Cole Quinn Dean Ambrose El Mago DDP Primo & Epico (Colons) Greg Valentine Hideo Itami Ivory Jacqueline Jason Jordan Killiain Dain Lex Luger Konnor &Viktor (The Ascension) Lio Rush Mr. Perfect Nick Miller Rick Rude Rhyno Rick Martel Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson (Rock 'n Roll Express) Rikishi Sycho Sid TJP Tatanka The Godfather Tye Dillinger Vader
  3. -Ziggler's MITB Entrance, he held the briefcase for months. -The possibility to move and switch matches on Universe Mode's cards. -Showcase Mode (20 matches would be perfect). -Interfences during/after/before a Title Match.
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