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  1. More signs of a potential Mia Yim addition
  2. We got one last year technically, would be nice to get another one this year since Mia and Candice were in a weird spot during development and have decent models at the very least in 2K22. You'd think it would be easy to copy and paste them over but code is code so who knows
  3. Looks like we got a Big Poppa Pump entrance added as a bonus to go along with The Steiners DLC
  4. We already know it isn't, our friend said so. I'd imagine it and the Sol Snatcher though are shoe-ins for 2K24
  5. If MyFaction gives us more patches over the lifespan of the game, I'll take that over the old approach where they'd only arrive because of DLC and that was it
  6. I've seen some people using them for their 24/7 title which is pretty awesome
  7. WWE 2K23 hit #1 in physical sales in the UK at release so that combined with the best reviews since 2006, think the odds of the game reverting to anything from the old games is slim to none. They've got a system that a majority of people seem to like.
  8. I've had some crashing when searching for things to download but outside of that, my experience has been pretty flawless. Did have one funny bug pop up which caused two chairs to stick to one another, so if you picked it up to swing at someone, a second chair would just float around and also attack. IMO, this franchise is in a great direction. We'll see what Universe looks like soon, just gotta finish the career mode to fully unlock everything that's not in MyFaction.
  9. Legendary vs Roman with zero paybacks? Glad I'm not trophy hunting in this game, that sounds rough
  10. It's a decent showcase but yeah, the presentation still needs a little work. Overall so far, having a really good time with the game. Not many bugs, but just started downloading things so I'm sure I'll start seeing more pop up. Gameplay feels a bit tighter, haven't done a ton to mess with the AI still so I'm sure once I start doing that it'll feel even better
  11. Showcase still has a lot of presentation issues, the lack of commentary is very evident IMO. Besides that though, the gameplay feels great. Still need to play around with the AI stuff but no real issues with what I've played so far. Though I'm sure once I start downloading things, I'll start finding some bugs and other annoyances.
  12. I thought I had a good Britt Baker CAW last year but that new one blows it out of the water, whoa
  13. I should be able to play when I get off work, played a little 2K22 to wrap up my KOTR tourney, excited to start downloading things, especially seeing the quality of CAWs that are already being made
  14. Just pre-ordered mine, now to wait till Monday
  15. They are leaving money on the table by not making those things usable in other modes. I feel like so many more people would want to play that mode and unlock those things, possibly spending actual money to do so, if you could. I know I'd actually play it if that was the case.
  16. Haven't really dived into Universe since 2K18 but these new changes are definitely gonna have me give it another shot. Depending on how effective some of these changes are to Universe, the AI, etc, 2K23 is looking a bit more like a solid update and not just a new coat of paint + roster update, didn't really expect that after the first bit of info we got when it seemed like all we were getting was War Games
  17. I had the corner glitch in 2K19 for sure
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