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  1. If I had to guess what the NXT repped roster will be, both returning and new: Alba Fyre Andre Chase Apollo Crews Axiom Bron Breakker Cameron Grimes Carmelo Hayes Cora Jade Dijak (Might still be in as Dominick Dijakovic model though) Elton Prince Gigi Dolin Grayson Waller (Maybe as DLC?) Ilja Dragunov Indi Hartwell Ivy Nile Jacy Jayne Jagger Reid (DLC or not at all IMO) JD McDonagh Joe Coffey Joe Gacy (DLC maybe instead of Reid/Fowler) Julius Creed Katana Chance Kayden Carter Kit Wilson Mark Coffey Meiko Satomura Nikkita Lyons (DLC Probably) Rip Fowler (DLC or not at all as well) Roderick Strong Roxanne Perez (Could definitely see as DLC) Sanga (Could see as DLC) Sarray Tiffany Stratton (DLC or not at all IMO) Tony D'Angelo Trick Williams Tyler Bate Veer Von Wagner Wendy Choo (DLC or not at all IMO) Wes Lee Wolfgang Zoey Stark
  2. I am tired of the datedness of the 2K22 roster but will miss the women's roster of it since 2K23 almost assuredly won't have Mickie James, Toni Storm and probably will also be missing Sasha, Naomi, and Mandy. Meiko getting in and Lita returning would soften those losses a bit so fingers crossed those show up to some degree, even if it's just DLC
  3. Yeah, what we saw is exactly what I expected for 2K23, so long as the roster is nicely updated, I'll probably be picking this up at launch
  4. On my end it looks like the UpUpDownDown Wargames video is slated to premiere at 8am PST
  5. Not sure how the other content creators will distribute things but here is what UpUpDownDown has planned
  6. About what I expected. Cora being in is great news
  7. Two or three times it got used before the technical difficulties made them scrap it
  8. Cody looks fantastic. Mannerisms are a little off but thats really about it. Cody seems crazy enough to mocap his own entrance so maybe that gets better in future games as well. Either way, damn good debut model for him.
  9. Looks like we'll be getting that Cody entrance at some point today
  10. I look forward to having Cody in the game finally and for RVD to stick around. My custom image total is relieved more than anything
  11. Seems will get an influx of RA arenas which is great but yeah, wouldn't mind a handful of new WCW/In Your House arenas, feel like the ones we've had from that time period have been in the game for ages
  12. Cody went straight to the studio to get scanned. There were rumors/speculation somewhere about Cody's model being one of the best, wonder if this is true and the reason behind it
  13. At the end of the day the two key factors they are going to look at when determining if they are on the right track with this game are sales and reviews, which both saw improvement over the past entries with 2K22. Therefore, I highly doubt they are going to make massive changes to things like gameplay. They will look to build off of what they made and setup in 2K22 and go from there, so if you are expecting wholesale changes to the gameplay mechanics or reverting back to what we had in 2K19, I'd say the chances of that happening are slim to none
  14. Obviously the positive sales are not just because of the gameplay but because the gameplay was well received for the most part AND the sales for the game were higher than previous entries, there's no reason for the devs to suddenly shift the gameplay to something completely different. 2K23 is probably gonna be 2K22 gameplay with a few extra mechanics thrown in but if you are expecting some monumental shift in how this game plays or expect them to revert back to 2K19 style gameplay, you're probably not gonna see that at all because there's no reason for them to make those types of changes. If you didn't like the combos, the blocking, the dodging, the tie ups, chances are those things are going to be back and be used in a way that's similar to how they were in 2K22.
  15. They def won't be moving over to 2k19 gameplay style so long as the sales continue to be strong. The gameplay changes were widely received well and after better than usual sales on top of it, no reason for them to revert back just because
  16. I mentioned in the previous thread that it sounds like people will be able to talk about what they saw/played from the Rumble event starting on Feb. 2nd, not sure what it'll entail exactly but we should get a few tidbits of info from that at the very least and hopefully some additional footage that 2K provided those people for their own videos.
  17. Their marketing has always been shit, usually they'll announce it months in advance and then say nothing until the final month. At least waiting till the last month to announce the game means they have very little time to waste so we should be getting more and more info in the upcoming weeks. Especially with the Rumble event announced
  18. They are damned if they do, damned if they don't in situations like advanced entrances. People would critique them for advertising the return and people would've critiqued them if they didn't and 2K23 still had it in. Makes sense to advertise its return though IMO, especially since there were people who dead set believed it would never return
  19. Hopefully soon, I imagine info should be coming throughout February since we have a smaller window so the usual dead air periods shouldn't exist for months on end and hopefully with less roster issues this time around, they won't have to be as coy about that as they were last year but I'm not holding my breath on their marketing suddenly improving tenfold
  20. There is a definite distinction between "I'm not a fan of the gameplay" and "People only like these games because they look good and dont actually care about gameplay" or "People who like this gameplay will accept anything they are given". You can easily critique without insinuating the people who do enjoy it are mindless fanboys that will accept anything. People like different things and that's fine. You're gonna look silly though if all you do is act like your opinions are the only right one
  21. There's a major difference between criticisms and the stuff Kody is posting. Acting like these things are similar is just being disingenuous
  22. Agreed. I loved the gameplay but it was getting old. This new version has work that needs to be done but it feels fresh and a lot of fun. IMO the AI getting a big improvement would do wonders for the gameplay but that's been the case for sometime
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