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  1. How come the Community Creations for the PC feels lacking compared to it's console counterparts?
  2. This is quite the ensemble of workers you have here. Are you planning on making an arena/show for them too?
  3. I really wish I knew how to do it, but all of the guides I found all seem to think you know what you're doing and most communities all seem to be full of rude twats. The last time I attempted to mod my game was back during the lifespan of WWE 2K17 (or WWE 2K15, I cannot fully remember). I goofed and ended up with a silhoutte of some non-existant wrestler in the superstars list of the "My WWE" mode. This was back before I realized that I could turn off cloud sync for these games allowing me to just re-install a fresh copy of the own thing.
  4. I just wanted to pop in and say that this is a terrific new feature they added to the game. I hope they keep it for iterations to come. It's nice being able to generate a completely new character to use as a base for original wrestlers. Who else is loving this feature?
  5. The block bodies is one of those features that seems completely unnecessary and I still question why it was included or who it is suppose to appeal to since Minecraft holds the reputation of being for kids. I still went on the community creations to find a Steve though and downloaded him for necessity. I'm not too sure when I am ever going to use him though.
  6. I wish I could figure out how to mod this game. It seems complicated and the last time I attempted it, I ended up having a weird silhoutte in the superstars menu of My WWE mode of nobody.
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