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Frankie Bloodshed

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About Frankie Bloodshed

  • Birthday 07/20/1999

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    CM Punk
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    I love metal music, being a goth is amazing!
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    High School dropout hoping to become a wrestler
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    Combat Zone Wrestling, BlackCraft Wrestling
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    Not telling
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    Half Sicilian, Half Italian
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  1. Hey, I was wondering if someone could make me some customized textures. right now I'm looking for a Red and Black Freddy Krueger clothing texture, the design he wears on his sweater but Red and Black instead of Red and Green. I'm a huge fan of horror films and would love to have that texture on my CaW's pants please and thank you. My twitter is @FxBloodshed99 it's the easiest way to contact me. One last thing, I'm sure I'll ask for more textures in the future so I hope that someone is willing to help me out here
  2. So earlier today I tried to look for some Jeff Hardy CaWs from when Taker was in his Biker gimmick and all I found was garbage. Im awful at making CaWs so I was wondering if anyone could make me some Jeff Hardy early to mid 2000s CaWs and please no custom attires for the in game Jeff. Only fresh made CaWs cuz he didnt have the tattoos back then. Thank you very much!
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