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    I literally only listen to nirvana so......
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  1. Both of these are part of the 3MB series i started yesterday with Heath Slater, same things as the last post tags are 2k14 and 3MB, my tag is TonyExists and looks may vary on graphical settings (also Slater is also on my post history check my posts!)
  2. Also i forgot to mention he has a custom potrait!
  3. This is the first of 3 3MB CAWS i will be making, sorry if the height is off i used a smaller version of his current height of 6'2 (or 6'1 here) lastly this might look better or worse than the previews as 1 i play on medium settings due to my laptop, and 2 Steam is really annoying about accessing screenshots taken in game so i had to crop the steam page with the screenshots (tags for the CAW are 3MB and 2K14 and my username is TonyExists, i'm fairly proud of this one due to this being my first 2k22 CAW that's not an OC
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