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  1. Definitely getting a download from me! Could you make Seth Rollins SummerSlam '19 attire for 2K19?
  2. I hate asking but how many logos does thorne have?
  3. OK, thanks Gamevolt I appreciate it
  4. May I ask how many logos does Rey have?
  5. I realized today that when you download an attire the logos duplicate themselves, Just today I deleted like 65 duplicate logos.
  6. Finally made enough room for these, can't wait to download.
  7. I must give in and download both of these, it's gonna be hard though
  8. I think it's because of the glitch where the secondary attire has like for example, "dry rub doug" or one of the wasteland dlc names.
  9. One question, do you get that issue where the logos to a secondary attire shows it's not being used in the deletion utility? If so would it be safe to delete them without any logos actually being used end up being deleted?
  10. It's such a pain, Maybe Gamevolt can take a bit of a break
  11. I am officially out of logo space, I don't wanna delete anything though
  12. You've outdone yourself once again, FYI I don't know if I have any more logo space
  13. Thank you so much for the help Playboi Icardi, I'll try it today
  14. Hell yes! thank you so much Gamevolt, I fixed the issue, in the second Kofi attire the hairdye doesn't appear but I think that's a well known issue already.
  15. On Kofi's lower arms the m logo doesn't appear, I deleted it and re-downloaded it and it still doesn't appear?
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