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  1. Universal Championship: Chris Jericho (#1 contender: Kenny Omega) WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (#1 contender: Tetsuya Naito) Raw Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss (#1 contender: Nia Jax) Smackdown Womens Championship: Sasha Banks (#1 contender: Emma) Intercontinental Champion: Adam Cole (#1 contender: Kota Ibushi) US Champion: Katsuyori Shibata (#1 contender: Samoa Joe)
  2. Episode 5 of Three Ropes Universe Mode series went up last night. Next week is the semi-finals in championship tournaments with the first PPV 'Clash of the Champions' being uploaded next weekend. It's been fun having a project to get stuck into and working on getting better at video editing/thumbnail design/working out how the hell to handle a voiceover track Thanks for any time you spend watching and let me know any comments if there's things you like or find things that could be improved. Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scUbXhmgrS4
  3. Fantastic! It's great to be able to use him as part of the faction
  4. I've started a Universe Mode series on YouTube if you have any time to check it out, constructive criticism most welcome. I'm hoping it'll be a good way to keep practising video editing, logo design, music creation etc. I have about 5-6 videos done to keep up a routine of uploading 2 a week with footage recorded for 20+ episodes. Any advice on how you approach video creation also welcome. There will be two shows Three Ropes RED (Monday night show with a red colour scheme, shocking I know) and Three Ropes BLUE (Smackdown ripoff the Tuesday night show). The rosters of both shows are a mix of WWE and New Japan wrestlers which means I am indebted to the community creations, most heavily using Defract, gazwefc, LigerBomb25, and ryeeryee. The first set of 10 episodes features tournament matches to crown champions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClV0Z6w5YiU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSeqe8jLMbk
  5. This one is probably a stretch but for multi-man matches I'd love the option for pacts to form whereby heels don't attack heels, faces don't attack faces, for sections of the match. Alternatively, at least have pacts between individuals in the same teams. This could occur between human/AI and also between AI/AI. Pacts would be reset by pin attempts or just expire as matches get towards its finish, say, when a finisher is earned. How to incorporate something like this whilst keeping the gameplay fluid would be a challenge I fear.
  6. three_ropes

    A CAA Issue

    Pattern A means the video should stay the same and won't change during entrances and post-match. Pattern B should switch between whatever logos you've set and entrance videos. However, this sounds like it might be a case where it's showing two videos at once (the logo and the titantron video). I must say that some custom arenas I've been using seem to act at random sometimes despite any settings, particularly mini-trons. Can only think that toggling videos on/off or replacing parts of the stage might set things right, which I appreciate isn't all that helpful! Hopefully someone knows more...
  7. - Chris Jericho & Adam Cole, either Y2JBayBay or JeriCole - Reunited Kassius Ohno with Cesaro to relive their days as the Kings of Wrestling - Liger teamed w/ Tiger Mask IV as they often team in NJPW multi-man tags
  8. Look, it took a great deal of effort on his part to give up dabbing in order to proudly protect and serve so please give him the respect he deserves.
  9. In addition to updated attires I like trying out alt. attires for new gimmicks, some are more terrible than others: Ambrose Asylum: in addition to the orange jump-suit attire for Dean Ambrose from the Community Creations I've designed new attires for Aiden Engish and Alexander Wolfe (aka Dr English and Dr Wolfe) complete with stethoscopes, white lab coats, and worst of all grey turtle-neck jumpers (the horror...). Daniel Bryan: has become the leader of #DIY, two attires borrowing from Gargano's trunks. Hideo Itami: now a member of Suzuki-Gun in a tag team with El Desperado (this one's on the CC but I can't recall the tags right now). Chad Gable: now in a tag team with Dolph Ziggler, attire to match the theme of a glam-rock alt attire for Ziggler that I got from CC. Seth Rollins: based off a segment from Raw a while back Rollins has now joined the New Day to form... New Day 2000! Gave him mostly Xavier's outfit. TJP: given the attire of Big Boss Man '91 and rebranded Little Boss Man. Kings of Wrestling: Cesaro and Kassius Ohno have returned to their Kings of Wrestling moniker from the indies, now in all black versions of their usual attires. Sami Zayn: joined the Taguchi-Japan stable, gave him an appropriately green/orange take on his usual attire.
  10. I like creating factions so I've created the following alt attires, some more serious than others... (some include links to Imgur gifs) Aiden English & Alexander Wolfe: re-branded as Dr. English and Dr. Wolfe, doctors at the Ambrose Asylum complete with stethoscopes and lab jackets, they accompany a jumpsuit-wearing muzzled Ambrose to the ring Hideo Itami: joined Suzuki-Gun to team with El Desperado, designed similar looking trunks Braun Club: someone designed an awesome 'Braun Club' attire for Strowman; teamed up Apollo Crews & Tyson Kidd with matching t-shirts as an associated tag team. Kurt Angle also got a camo singlet to look part of the group Daniel Bryan: became the leader of #DIY with two custom attires; also an all-black attire akin to a Young Lion on NJPW TJP: gave him the attire of Big Boss Man '91 and rebranded him as 'Little Boss Man' Chad Gable: new attire to team with Dolph Ziggler in a full-on rhinestone-studded glamrock gimmick (someone else created a great glam-rock Ziggler on Community Creations) Sami Zayn: joined Taguchi-Japan with orange and green tights Cesaro & Kassius Ohno: all-black versions of their attires in a Revival-style gimmick, similar to their work as the Kings of Wrestling on the indies Roman Reigns: attire to be teamed w/ Usos Andre the Giant: given the attire of Black Tiger with the entrance of Sin Cara, re-branded as El Grande Tigre...
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