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  1. Hey, does anyone know to get unbanned from wwe 2k23 online?
  2. ECW and their reunions/tribute shows are annoying as *Censored*
  3. He looks like he's exhausted from wrestling a match.
  4. Does anyone think this will be better than wwe2k23?
  5. Dixie/TNA Turned down brock lesnar
  6. D von felt ROH Was beneath him
  7. This upcoming WM is the first since WM 4 With out HHH,HBK or Undertaker.
  8. 2 actually and that pic of bryan is from 2011 and wasn't on tv till 2010
  9. Chris Jericho is the only WWE Champion that was actually born in New York.
  10. Drew McIntyre was going to debut with a male model gimmick
  11. And Mike awesome was gonna throw the wcw championship in the trash.
  12. Hurricane wanted Mike awesome to be in hurrileague and wanted to call him captain awesome
  13. This is crazy and I think this is the 1st time a wrestler passed away while signed to a mainstream wrestling promotion since Chris benoit.
  14. CM Punk tried to buy ROH In 2010
  15. Ric Flair never won a world title via submission using his Figure Four leg lock…only by pinfall.
  16. Mick Foley held the TNA world title longer than his three WWE world titles combined.
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