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  1. Oh yeah thought of another one Rumbles & Elimination Chamber matches for all arenas. You know, maybe I create a sick ass New Year's Revolution or Royal Rumble arena, I'd like to have those match types available because I'm on PS4 so I can't mod the game.
  2. Online GM or Online Universe - Yeah GM mode would be cool and all, but excluding an online version would be a missed opportunity. In theory, have up to like 4 or 6 users creating their own show, drafting rosters, booking it, trading wrestlers and whatnot. Goal could be like OG GM mode and strive for higher ratings, or it could tie into the star-rating system. If no GM mode, just implement these ideas into Universe. I'm dying to book shows with or against my online buddies, but apparently I need to have freakin' NASA's internet to make PS4 shareplay work. Story Designer - Self explanatory, but also I really miss newlegacyinc storytime . Significant additions to create-an-arena - More venues, stage parts, etc.. Fixing the bug that causes trons to flicker during caw entrances would be great. Good netcode - Jesus christ this series has the worst input delay, no other fighting game comes close.
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