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  1. Feel bad for ryee honestly, people copying caws problems, people requests problems, attire problems,stalker problems
  2. Awesome kenny king been playing with him lots made him my north american chAmp, amazing facial detail, changed his music to usos , all in all good job gaz! Cant wait for whats coming next
  3. Gaz kenny king is just straight fire, cant wait to dl it with or without entrance attire
  4. I just love the feedbacks from my suggestions but then again its the creators choice, BUT you cant deny that ryee zsj is still gonna be a top notch caw...period
  5. Ok i might be requesting but since @ryee u have recreated most of last years game (2k17) caws and more.. do you think u can recreate your zsj in this years game again? since your 2k17 zsj looks top notch and the quality is second to none, i can picture that your zsj for this year might be even better . Its a pity cuz he won the cup and is a prominent figure in njpw .Well this is just a suggestion and its your choice, before everybody starts bombarding me with hate msgs ( well ill just leave this here...runs)
  6. Ah yes those are very good creations and theyre in my roster, i thought gaz would like a challenge by creating his own versions of mcmg and briscoes
  7. Well we havent got a chris sabin or briscoe bros
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