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  1. Oh wow Wiz, these all turned out pretty damn good. I especially like Rampage (grabbing him for sure), Desmond Wolfe, Classic Matt Cardona and Wade Barrett. Who else is on your makelist?
  2. Hey I gotta' say these all look REALLY, really good. A lot very solid designs on all of them. Well done.
  3. These are ALL very well-made man. Definitely need to grab me a few of these. Thanks for making & sharing these with us.
  4. Holy shit, Martha Hart actually allowed Vice to due a story on Owen???? I'm in , but yet she won't let him inducted in to the WWE HOF or allow him to be featured in any WWE 2k game. That's pretty *censored*ed up. Her prerogative, but still *censored*ed up. I'll watch tho. Same for the Benoit and Brawl for it all specials as well. Love this series. And yes, the Brody one really was the best of them all even though all of the episodes from the 1st season were all good.
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