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  1. MrMorbid81

    WCW Project

  2. MrMorbid81

    WCW Project

    You'll have to keep checking his twitter account to find that out. I know with the next batch he'll be adding Mike Awesome and Norman Smiley since he just made them but hasn't uploaded them yet.
  3. MrMorbid81


    Very nice!
  4. I meant it, and I still do. It's THAT good.
  5. Damn...very, VERY impressive. So first off, welcome back to 2K19. I see now that the life of the 2K19 servers has been officially extended, more and more creators are coming back, from both 2K20 and back to the series period. Second, I definitely love and appreciate the unique designs, overall looks, and backstories of these caws. You've clearly put a lot of though and TLC into them. I don't know if you've uploaded any of these, but I for one would be very interested in a couple of these, namely Riot and Silver, and possibly Magnus and Aleksei.
  6. Hell yeah! Looks great man. Really solid.
  7. Damn man, that's even better than Ryedee's version and THAT's saying something.
  8. What are the tags so I can Download? Well done on this attire btw. It turned out REALLY well.
  9. MrMorbid81

    WCW Project

    Cool. Looking forward to it.
  10. MrMorbid81

    WCW Project

    Sweet. I saw Double J beat him in the polling, which shocked the shit out of me, but that's cool. I'm sure you'll upload Big Poppa Pump soon enough when you're ready.
  11. MrMorbid81

    WCW Project

    Everytime I try to do an alt, it doesnt copy over the face and hair properly. So it just takes the attire. is there any way around that? Chavo just won the Twitter poll to go up next Ok so when you import attires, you can either just import the attire by itself, or the whole shebang. Try importing the whole shebang this time.
  12. MrMorbid81

    WCW Project

    They're both up now as we speak
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