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  1. I'll gladly take them all. Who's uploaded?
  2. MrMorbid81


    I'm enjoying the overall design for his attires, especially the oni logos. Well done.
  3. MrMorbid81

    GamOuZz on 2K19

    Solid, solid work man.
  4. Glad I'm just now seeing these. VERY solid workmanship here. As for names, Ace Maverick, Kenny "Wylde" Kard(s) or even Donnie Deuce immediately come to mind.
  5. Ha ha, goddamn....points for originality and being a true WTF caw. very cool man.
  6. Just saw these and they look pretty solid man. If nothing else, I appreciate you taking the time to make & upload these after being inspired to do so. It's VERY possible they'll make these caws, but it's still cool of you to make in the meantime.
  7. Well damn. First off welcome back, and second, damn dude, those are some pretty sweetly designed caws. I like 'em. Who all is available for download right now? I'll download Ragnar and Johnny Blackheart for sure.
  8. MrMorbid81


    ^Do it! It's so worth it if you're an ECW fan. There's already 2 packs out now, with a third featuring international stars from ECW's past coming out on the 17th.
  9. Holy shit, Martha Hart actually allowed Vice to due a story on Owen???? I'm in , but yet she won't let him inducted in to the WWE HOF or allow him to be featured in any WWE 2k game. That's pretty *censored*ed up. Her prerogative, but still *censored*ed up. I'll watch tho. Same for the Benoit and Brawl for it all specials as well. Love this series. And yes, the Brody one really was the best of them all even though all of the episodes from the 1st season were all good.
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