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  1. I wonder if the next gen games are going to be as barebone as 2k15 was with the ps4/xbone, could we finally get a new game engine/physics?
  2. New reversal animations for ground stomps, e.g. grabbing the foot or tripping your opponent New running strikes to a grounded opponent, e.g. Running shooting star, body splash Materials for custom logos, really surprised it hasn't been added yet Make diving moves harder to reverse, literally can't pull one off since they always get countered Reverse middle rope climbing animation, just like there is a top rope one. Flip any move or taunt in Create-a-Moveset, just like strikes. When you're downloading your uploaded logos, a download all button would save time when you upload like 20 or so logos. These are just random ideas I thought would be really nice to be implemented.
  3. My Creation Suite Wishlist CAW Replace Face Photo / Save Face Morphing - There's been many times where I finished morphing the face to perfection, yet the skin color seems off, or I've missed a wrinkle or blemish, in this case, we'd be able to simply replace the existing texture with an updated one, while at the same time keeping the morph settings. Would save a hell of a lot of time. BETTER HAIR OPTIONS CAM-S More diversity, say new walking/running animations(eg, Ronda), custom pins and picking up opponent animations. A new Full Nelson animation. Finishers from any position - surprised it hasn't been here yet CC Update CC Uploads - Can save upload slots, and avoids resetting of downloads. Custom Logo Issue - Anytime someone uses any of your logos and uploads a caw using them, a sign or banner with your username appears when previewing the creation, OR the downloads that person gets goes to you as well OR an option to make it impossible for someone to use the logos (Just don't think it's fair for someone to easily take your work and benefit off of it) Online Block Players - As someone who loves playing online, I often encounter cheap players, I'd love an option to add them to a block list, so I never encounter them when playing online. Online Rumble- why not? Fair play option that works
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