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  1. If Nakamura goes back to NJPW i would like 2 different Scenarios Scenario 1.) Returns attacks Jay White for trying to Divide Chaos from Okada.. Or Scenario 2.) he returns Attacks Okada And Say hes disappointed in Okada for turning his back in a fellow Chaos member and sides with Jay White
  2. It's been great from top to bottom, lots of new talent. You definately should watch Su Yung and OVE's work.Their definitely coming into their own and distancing themselves from the old product. If they keep it, they'll be my favorite promotion. Its been awhile since I watched like a good while mvp was still around lol.... what network they on now??
  3. Firing Squad basically said yall are fired we are the real Bullet Club.. Tama told cody hasnt team cody but never did he say was team omega either.. hes for Bullet Club
  4. That B block is Crazy Kenny Omega, Tama Tonga , Kota Ibushi, Zack Sabre Jr, Tersuya Natio.. Would like to Zack Sabre Jr vs The Switchblade Jay White
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