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  1. Dropped several classes from mental health stuff, barely survived and passed 3 classes I had with B's (I do mean barely), broke up with my girlfriend because she was mentally abusive when I made mistakes within the relationship. Almost lost everything because of financial issues being in school and at a weird age where jobs like fast food won't hire me because I have too much experience and better jobs wouldn't hire me because I'm a college student that they assumed I'd leave after a few months... But I did find enjoyment going to the gym on the regular and I got over the break up after a day so it's been a frustrating first few months but I'm managing. Based on some of these responses I don't have it that bad.
  2. People wearing fake mustaches on Cinco de Mayo is going to be the new blackface. I already feel like it's racist as hell, tbh. Especially "sinko" instead fo cinco...that's just cheap humor. I'm sure Kane is getting dunked in some sort of dunk-tank...but, yeah...that's gonna be a bad call. That honestly looked like kinda buff Kevin James
  3. Did you not see what they've been talking about in the last like 15 posts?
  4. I wonder whos on the cutting block on this new batch of firings coming up. Im guessing Ryback and Adam Rose at least. Especially after Roses arrest.
  5. So all things considered... Kind of a lack luster bus flip. Only name of interest was Sandow. I was really expecting a 15+ person bus flip. God knows the PC is getting a bit crowded as is the main roster, I expected more names to get flushed.
  6. whats your brothers name on here?

  7. are kiddin me? i had them on my game as soon as you released them

  8. love the john cena in pokemon, That is a classic.

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