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  1. Blumpy so racist shirts ok thats weird On one hand Im not sure if thats really what its based on but on the other hand I sure as hell know thats a shitty logo for a shirt. Sans the alleged racist design. But still I even if that wasnt what they were going for why the hell would you even consider that when it has nothing to do with Myles.
  2. Dropped several classes from mental health stuff, barely survived and passed 3 classes I had with B's (I do mean barely), broke up with my girlfriend because she was mentally abusive when I made mistakes within the relationship. Almost lost everything because of financial issues being in school and at a weird age where jobs like fast food won't hire me because I have too much experience and better jobs wouldn't hire me because I'm a college student that they assumed I'd leave after a few months... But I did find enjoyment going to the gym on the regular and I got over the break up after a day so it's been a frustrating first few months but I'm managing. Based on some of these responses I don't have it that bad.
  3. People wearing fake mustaches on Cinco de Mayo is going to be the new blackface. I already feel like it's racist as hell, tbh. Especially "sinko" instead fo cinco...that's just cheap humor. I'm sure Kane is getting dunked in some sort of dunk-tank...but, yeah...that's gonna be a bad call. That honestly looked like kinda buff Kevin James
  4. She always did it well, great voice. She used to sing God Save the Queen at events over here. I can only imagine the power and the impact of her doing it post 9/11 for the US audience. Am I right in saying that the live Smackdown was the first public gathering in the US since the attack? Yes.
  5. Taker looks so young there. Its hard to believe he was what 33-34 there? And the fact hed been there for 10 years at that point.
  6. I would kill to relieve that year one more time
  7. Still hate Chavo. Never cared for him or any character he played. His in ring style was stale to me. Like i know he has that great lineage but man he put me to sleep.
  8. Mean Gene was in good shape. He was in good shape like Bo Dallas is in shape...
  9. Back b4 PC ruined the earth. Who the hell is the blonde?
  10. That's actually a great shirt on their end. Because you know women will wear that because "they're not like most girls". I wouldn't be surprised if that sells decent.
  11. That and HHH was running the show and from I remember it was ok to watch but god it was FRUSTRATING watching HHH reign supreme for so damn long. I still believe HBK should NEVER have dropped that belt at Armageddon.
  12. Let that sink in that smackdown drew the highest number in that span of about 3.7.... That's insane compared to today.
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