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Impthony Peachtano

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  1. I just love that he shits on the product and cant really be reprimanded for it
  2. shit is one of the words we are allowed to say on here. i wish caws would stop being COWARDS and let me say *Censored* on here BUT WHAT ABOUT THE KIDSSS?!???
  3. I take it dio took a flight in the wrong direction towards egypt and not the US?
  4. Makes me wonder if this is what breaks the camels back. Pun intended, that wwe banks so heavy on the Saudis that when they dont get paid and this shit happens. This deal could fall apart entirely. Curious to see how the next show is handled for sure
  5. Yea the best smack down ever November 1st thing is quite accurate. Never forgetting this one
  6. All these bad ass mofos....and pat macafee
  7. God damn a Canadian destroyer on Daniel Bryan holy shit
  8. He legitimately loves nxt/wrestling in general he mentioned it on his podcast several times. Like he just gets it. He interviewed Michael cole and they talked about that for a quick second. I forget sometimes he was just a flipping punter in the nfl
  9. I've seen one year old baby fat Adam Cole when he returned from injury in ROH. I'm good lmao You hate to see it. Jesus Christ get this man some icopro lolol He looks like ohnos little brother
  10. Never did understand why Cole has never tried to gain a little bit more weight. I mean he literally could just get that 95 Shawn Michaels look
  11. Probably, get some positive stuff going after Saudi money 4
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