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    "Macho Man" Randy Savage
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    To lame to admit...
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    WWF, but back in the day...
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  1. Ha ha! Don't even ask man!
  2. Mr. Madness

    Rick Rude

    I too am on the look out for a long haired rick rude!
  3. Is there any chance someone would be interested in making a younger Hulk Hogan from around the time he made his debut? He had a head full of luscious white blonde hair and the most hilarious chest hair you've ever seen! If anyone fancies taking a shot I could help where needed? The attire is very simple, I just suck at face morphs, but would be more than happy to share what I've got so far? Thanks in advance guys!
  4. Thank you very much for all the information, very appreciated! I'll be sure to check it out!
  5. That sounds very cool! Okay, so last question(s)... is this something that YOU personally have to learn to do, or is it something other people do and we'd just download these imported models from some form of CC if you will? Not sure if that made sense, sorry, it's hard to explain what I mean exactly. Also, have you any idea what kind of PC you'd need to invest in to run games like this and others at a decent rate? I've only just started looking in to getting a PC and to be honest it's very confusing regarding certain minimum requirements for some games. Also, very expensive! Ha ha! Thanks again pal!
  6. Oh my god! That looks incredible! And is that just other people importing these models etc into the game and then you're free to download them like how we use the CC at the moment? Or is it more like weird, crazy PC shit like coding or something? I'm not much of a tech guy but there are a few games coming to PC plus its other advantages that are tempting me to get one. Thanks for the information by the way MadAgrar!
  7. Am I right in thinking that you can just import in game models from previous years? So for instance, I could import RVD from last years game into this years game?
  8. Yeh, I know. There's been a lot of teasing going on this year! I'm getting a PC next year so I can just download mods and avoid all this political B.S!
  9. The game is kinda losing its novelty I suppose, and with that, its creators? It happens every year. That's the main problem with the game in my opinion, no longevity. And I'm not hating on the game by the way, I think this one is the best title in years and a huge step forward, but there's still areas where they could improve. More match types, deeper career mode, a freaking women's career mode for Christ Sake's! A showcase mode not about Daniel Bryan? Ha ha! More and more options in CAW more and maybe the possibility to edit certain aesthetics of in game superstars? But who knows what will happen next year? P.S. I'm sure Repz is okay! Ha ha!
  10. Ah, great! Looking forward to it! I have a pretty solid move set for him if you need a hand with anything let me know... Unfortunately there's no OMG moment for his roof spot! Ha ha!
  11. Great work! I leterally posted a request for a Janela yesterday, sorry to harass you, but have you any ideas when yours might be up? He looks excellent!
  12. Would anyone be interested in making The Bad Bad Joey Janela? Love that guy!
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