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  1. That Michaels is awesome by the way! But it kills me inside to see him with a shaved head. I know it can happen to any of us, and it's happening to me!! But that guy deserved hair till the day he died! You got any other masterpieces in the pipeline for this year if you don't mind me asking? Think you'll be back again for 2K20?
  2. Yup! Any luck? I tend to just keep one attire per CAW. I know it's a pain, but needs must I suppose...
  3. Ha ha! I assume you don't have issues downloading it or don't care. I have the same problem, yes! I have already asked him about it in this thread. I just wasn't as rude as you were...
  4. Sadly alot of the times I use it the game makes mistakes in removing some logos that are being used. As a result I don't use the feature. Same here. Recently this feature deleted all the logos and face textures used on some of my CAWs. All?? Really???
  5. What is this delete all unused logo facility you're talking about? I have to manually go in the deletion tool and find which ones are no longer attached or assigned to CAW's and delete them myself. Is there a way around that? Prepare to have you mind blown!!
  6. Just got Gibson to download!! God knows why but I needed to clear 200 logos worth of space for a 13 logo heavy download?? Anyway... worth it!
  7. Just downloaded, looks awesome! I know this is off topic, but I have never been able to download your Zack Gibson? Do you know how many logos it is as I have over 100 free logo spots spare and it still won't let me? If it's a glitch, do you know how to get around it? Thank you.
  8. That looks awesome man! You've put out some great work this year, thank you!
  9. "We will be doing a different texture for a classic..." Awesome!! I'm a classic guy!! Great job on these, as per every year.
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