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  1. Really? I head they jumped ship. That doesn't make any sense at all. They actually cared out the product. You definitely could tell they put their hearts into that game. Wow. Learn something new every day.
  2. I get the feelings that even if they manage to get a decent patch out for 2k20 it'll be too little, too late at this point. An with good reason. I'm glad I canceled my pre-order when I did but I do feel for those who purchased it. They deserve a playable game. Especially so when we've been pumping money into this series for ages now and when things were looking really good, Yukes jumped ship for some reason. Leaving us with this mess. I wonder what set them off? I mean, the roster and change of controls is what turned me off. I didn't even know how wonky it was until after it's release. I'm hoping they really put their best foot forward and fix it for 2k21. Plus add them legends they removed for no real reason.
  3. Do you guys think that 2k21 will be less of a dumpster fire that 2k20 is? I've been thinking about it, I think with the developers inexperience with the game and the fact it was just dropped into their lap left them in a bad way and it shows. Now that they have a full development cycle to get more acquainted with the game, will it be an improvement? I personally think it will. I believe 2k19 was one of the best wrestling games I've played in a long time and I think with some time there is no reason why they can't get to that point again. Plus I hope they bring back some of the old school wrestlers they dropped in 2k20 back being they still have their rights.
  4. ... maybe they just need to work things out. Make a few sub-par games until they get the hang of it. Give em a few years and I'm sure they eventually offer up a decent game.
  5. Well, I learned the hard way I guess. I put a little too much stock into them. They were nice when I called to cancel. So that's a plus. I'll follow up in a few days if I don't recieve a confirmation but they did say they will cancel the order. Anyhow, I'll see y'all next year for 2k21. Here's hoping.
  6. Agreed, this doesn't need to happen every year. I'm sure everyone can empathize with wrestlers being removed whether it be legends or current superstars. I'll second that. It sucks for anyone who gets left behind. Unfortunately it appears to be the legend fans this year... maybe we'll make a come back next year. Who knows. I do hope at the very least the people who are here for the current roster got a decent selection. It didn't look all that full to me.
  7. Why pre-order before you know what you're getting? I was so impressed with last year and I figured those legends would be included. They had been real good with legends lately.... So, yeah. I f@ed up. I should have seen this coming. I was so excited for Hogan I didn't stop to think that they could possibly cut a hell of a lot of legends to get there... maybe next year... but I have to skip this abomination. Maybe they need a step back to take two forward.
  8. Because of this it's a no buy for me. Yup. I think I am going to try and cancel my pre-order. How disappointing.
  9. Virgil would be a decent addition to MDM and IRS. I hope we at the very least get most, if not all legends from last year plus a few additional... Have they released anyone from NXT UK last year? I don't know much about the NXT brand.
  10. Well, here is to hoping everyone gets who they are looking forward too.
  11. Yeah, I understand that people want the active roster. Makes sense. However, my preference is legends as are many others. I think they've done well (at least in 2k19) with a solid mix of legends and active wrestlers. To be honest, I don't know why they don't release a legends game using the same engine. They could just reskin the game and add classic wrestlers and they could make everyone happy. Though they'd need a bigger team as that wouldn't be easy when they are working on a yearly title as it was. Active wrestlers for that lot and just legends for the others. Heck there'd be no need to release a legends game very often. Just once in a while. Not going to happen though, not because it wont sell but WWE wants you to care about what's going on now and not then... even though they are quick to dig up a legends to boost ratings. Go figure... plus it'd probably be costly by getting everyone's rights.
  12. Ugh, I'm really frustrated. I'm not keen on the new controls (then again, I wasn't keen on the controls when they switched over from SvR, but I grown to like them, so I'm not sure what to think on that just yet), lack of legends and classic arenas is a big one for me, seems they taken a few steps back with the physics too. I am really considering canceling my order. I'll have to look into it, I want to give them the benefit of doubt and wait to see what else is revealed... maybe they are just waiting to reveal additional legends, but it's not looking good. I had really thought this was going to be the game I'd finally get all the legends I wanted in one nice package. I was really happy with 2k19, it just lacked Hogan and JYD(he's a long shot, I know). Thought they were heading in the right direction. At this point all I can do is keep my fingers crossed... maybe it's just the jitters and they'll come through.
  13. I'm sweating bullets now. The lack of legends has me worried. Digging around for decent CAWs is always a pain. I can make a handful but I'm by no means a expert. Plus I never liked the selection of tunes they offer.
  14. I'm starting to wonder if I can get my preorder back from WWE.com... I'm sweating bullets with the lack of legends and classic arenas this time around.
  15. I hope not, I was counting on Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect this year. I'm hoping they just haven't gotten to then yet.
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