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  1. Really? I head they jumped ship. That doesn't make any sense at all. They actually cared out the product. You definitely could tell they put their hearts into that game. Wow. Learn something new every day.
  2. I get the feelings that even if they manage to get a decent patch out for 2k20 it'll be too little, too late at this point. An with good reason. I'm glad I canceled my pre-order when I did but I do feel for those who purchased it. They deserve a playable game. Especially so when we've been pumping money into this series for ages now and when things were looking really good, Yukes jumped ship for some reason. Leaving us with this mess. I wonder what set them off? I mean, the roster and change of controls is what turned me off. I didn't even know how wonky it was until after it's release. I'm hoping they really put their best foot forward and fix it for 2k21. Plus add them legends they removed for no real reason.
  3. Do you guys think that 2k21 will be less of a dumpster fire that 2k20 is? I've been thinking about it, I think with the developers inexperience with the game and the fact it was just dropped into their lap left them in a bad way and it shows. Now that they have a full development cycle to get more acquainted with the game, will it be an improvement? I personally think it will. I believe 2k19 was one of the best wrestling games I've played in a long time and I think with some time there is no reason why they can't get to that point again. Plus I hope they bring back some of the old school wrestlers they dropped in 2k20 back being they still have their rights.
  4. I'm sweating bullets now. The lack of legends has me worried. Digging around for decent CAWs is always a pain. I can make a handful but I'm by no means a expert. Plus I never liked the selection of tunes they offer.
  5. I keep hearing from people that the game will have 200+ characters. Only 100 something has been revealed so I think there is plenty of room for more lesser known superstars and legends.
  6. I think that's the idea but it will be female wrestler related.
  7. While I don't mind the originals, I do hope that all the DLC content isn't based around them. I'd like for additional legends and arenas personally.
  8. I'm still holding out hope for more classic wrestlers. I was happy to see Jerry in there. I'm hoping for a 80's Sting like in 2k19. We'll see soon enough.
  9. Junkyard Dog, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, Earthquake, Tugboat, Hacksaw Jim Dugan.
  10. I think I may adopt something along those lines as well. With my big three having more matches then the rest. I currently have 6 PPV's for WWE and 6 PPV's for WCW... maybe I'll increase the number of PPV's for each show but it hasn't been exactly easy seeking out stuff for older PPV's as I run my universe with the 89-95 rosters for each show (the best I can at the very least).
  11. Yeah she was, plus during the time she was one of the few that could actually wrestle.
  12. I'd like to see a Mickie James from the mid 2000's during her first run.
  13. I'd be cool with Kelly Kelly.
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