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  1. Just some shots from my play through of Assassin's Creed Origins this week.
  2. Should be playing Crash 4 right about now, but something went wrong with the delivery from Amazon so I'm still waiting. Playing Saints Row: The Third Remastered for the time being.
  3. Velveteen Dream Santos Escobar Johnny Gargano Candice LeRae Finn Bálor
  4. Asuka Andrade & Angel Garza Cesaro & Nakamura Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax Nikki Cross Bobby Lashley Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre Sami Zayn
  5. Totally agree, Syndicate was a lot of fun. I'd say I'm a bit biased because the Victorian era (more specifically London during this time period) is of huge interest to me, so at the time I was getting it regardless of whether it was a good game or not. However, even if you're not too hot about the time period, it's worth playing; I thought Evie and Jacob were great, the side missions were enjoyable, and the grappling hook made getting around really easy.
  6. Switching between WWE Battlegrounds, Tony Hawk, and The Avengers at the moment, that'll all change when Crash 4 comes out next week though.
  7. Currently playing Destroy All Humans! (PS4 re-release), Yakuza 6, and WWE 2K18 at the moment. I need to go back to Detroit once I'm done with Yakuza 6, I have this really bad habit of starting games but forgetting to go back to them.
  8. I did the same thing recently due to work friends as well! I've ended up playing it way more than I ever did when it first came out.
  9. It's a fun little game, but I put way too many hours into it getting all of the collectibles. It ended up being such a waste of time. I enjoyed the story though.
  10. Cheers for the heads up! I purchased this from Amazon last year when it was on offer because it's such a good deal, will definitely be doing it again this year.
  11. I started Yakuza 6 today. Wow, just wow. Such a big difference in gameplay between this and 0 and Kiwami. I'm really liking the addition of a first person camera view, I remember being so excited when that was added to GTA V and I feel exactly the same way here; it really changes how you view the world around you, which I think is really cool. There seems to be so much new stuff on offer here that I think I'm going to really take my time and enjoy it all.
  12. That's a good point, I must admit I really only had current titles in mind in my my original post. I guess we do need a thread where we can bring up old and/or obscure games.
  13. I agree with Muur. When it comes to discussing individual games, separate threads are more practical; no need to search through numerous posts in order to find one relevant to the game you want to talk about. A general gaming thread could be good if you're looking for recommendations etc. but I just don't see it working for discussions about certain games.
  14. Arma III Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle WWE 2K18
  15. Really like the look of that WWE Live arena, is this on PS4 by any chance?
  16. What a weird ol' World Cup this has been. No Netherlands or Italy. Spain, Germany, Argentina, and Portugal out already. We still have the likes of Brazil, France, England, Belgium, and Uruguay but I thought Germany would've gone further than they actually did. There were a lot of people in the pub during the England/Belgium game who thought England would run rings around Belgium, without realising they're one of the favourites to win the whole thing. It'll be interesting to see how things play out in the next week or so.
  17. Nice comeback for Germany! I'm so glad they won that, I really don't want to see them get knocked out in the group stage.
  18. I can't believe how poor Germany have been during this World Cup. I know they haven't exactly been lighting the world on fire during friendly matches recently, but I honestly expected them to turn it up for the tournament. So disappointing.
  19. Germany are in big trouble here, 1-0 down to Sweden at half time.
  20. How is The Crew 2? I really enjoyed the first one, especially just driving around different states. The thing that puts me off the second one though is the transforming into different types of transport, but I haven't played the beta so I can't say I know too much about it besides what I've seen on YouTube.
  21. No need to get defensive, it was merely a joke. Liverpool have won the top flight division 18 times but it hasn't stopped people mocking them over the last few years.
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