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  1. Any help with moveset and latest attire would be greatly appreciated. I fixed trunks to shorter ones
  2. Ckgaming

    I'm out

    I don't think you're sounding rude. I agree that creators shouldn't take all feedback or lack of to heart too much. Some people don't just do this for themselves, but because they like helping people as well. If someone's main reason for cawing is to help other players, even more than themselves, I could see why they'd be frustrated with a lack of feedback. I don't think it's an ego thing. Maybe more of a, "Do people even want these" kinda thing. I told Bundy that's what keeps alot of talent from posting is the lack of feedback, the negative none helpful feedback, etc. If you don't have anything nice to say just keep on moving.
  3. In the rafters like Sting watching but am back now. Uploads and updates coming.
  4. Ckgaming

    X division

    Amazing Red, Elix Skipper
  5. W.I.P Priscilla Kelly (Face is a place holder)
  6. Kiera uploaded tags: WSU, GFW one attire for now and no moveset.
  7. Mercedez is getting reworked. Kiera tonight no moveset. Actually been watching her since last year was thinking of working on her.
  8. Ckgaming

    Jeff Cobb Preview

    Time to put my Nixon on the shelf. lol Great work.
  9. Kiera Hogan uploading tonight entrance only for now. More previews coming this week.
  10. Ckgaming

    Jeff Cobb Preview

    If you need any of her textures let me know.
  11. Will be posting an update of Abbey..soon. Kelly just need to do her moveset then upload.
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